Jabra marks sustainability journey with 100% sustainable packaging

Jabra marks sustainability journey with 100% sustainable packaging

Jabra is proud to celebrate the latest milestone on its sustainability journey with the packaging of the Elite 85t earbuds being 100 per cent recyclable. To further cement their pledge to be more sustainable, the Evolve2 headset range also sees a new eco-friendly packaging that combines a pouch and a paper bag.

The improved packaging for these two products is one of the steps Jabra is taking towards its goal of achieving 100 per cent sustainable packaging across their entire product range. Jabra has already shown its dedication to social and environmental responsibility by committing to several UN sustainability goals, as well as reducing plastic waste and transportation emissions.

The latest packaging efforts are a clear testament to this journey. The new Elite 85t packaging is 38 per cent smaller than its predecessor, the Elite 75t, which was 27 per cent smaller than the Elite 65t packaging. The packaging for the latest earbuds has 85 per cent less plastic and is fully recyclable, sustainable and FSC Certified.

The Evolve2 range now has packaging that includes less plastic and uses more responsibly sourced materials, making the packaging eco-friendlier and more attractive. The new packaging is FSC certified, meaning that the paper used in the packaging is sourced sustainably.

Creating a smaller ecological footprint

The newest member of the Evolve2 range, the Jabra Evolve2 30 headset, features a new and innovative pack that combines sustainability with clever product packaging and marketing, without compromising the premium look and feel of the product.

The headset is sold in a soft pouch with a paper label around it and the pouch is placed in a slim and functional paper bag. This slimmer bag, while being sturdy enough to protect the headset in the shipping process, takes up much less space, which means that more bags fit in a carton, shipping less air.

Besides creating a smaller ecological footprint through using fewer packaging materials, Jabra has also made steps in making its packaging lighter.

The ultimate hero product is the Elite 85t e-commerce pack, which is 49 per cent lighter than the Elite 75t packaging not only because it is smaller, but also because it has no outer pack and contains no bubble wrap. This way less waste is created, meaning that more products can be transported in a van or plane at the same time, reducing carbon emissions.

Exceeding previous milestones

In its 150-year history Jabra has introduced many firsts, and its sustainability journey is no exception. Maurits Hekking, Head of Sustainability at GN said: “At Jabra, we all share the passion for sustainability, and we’re committed to reducing the ecological footprint of our products by developing smarter products and packaging. Seeing our goals come to life with these new packages as a result of our great collaboration with other teams across the board is a great milestone in Jabra’s continuous journey to a more sustainable future.”

Setting new goals 

Jabra uses its existing business processes to drive sustainability as an integral part of how the company is run. In the 2020 Sustainability | ESG Report (February 2021) Jabra’s parent GN Group outlined the key areas where the company is setting new goals and can make a true impact over the next few years: climate change, sustainable products and packaging, and health. By 2025, the group:

  • aims to be climate neutral in its own company activities, while also reducing its indirect emissions
  • will use at least 50 per cent sustainable material in new products, having truly sustainable packaging across GN, launching take-back schemes for all relevant products and regions, and repairing or refurbishing more products per year

“We have made real progress with these initiatives for Jabra on our journey to a more sustainable future”, says Maurits Hekking, Head of Sustainability at GN. “We have high ambitions, and the evolution of our packaging is a huge step in the right direction. In order to keep progressing, we will continue to consider sustainability in everything we do, whether it’s our operations, our products or our packaging.”

Jabra’s Green Initiative

Jabra’s sustainability efforts do not stop when the product has reached its new owner. Jabra has product take-back schemes in several regions known as Jabra’s Green Initiative. Through this scheme, people who want to trade in their existing Elite product for a newer model receive a discount when they send their old product back to Jabra. Jabra then recycles the device under the European WEEE Directive.

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