Freight forwarders can now help their customers take action on their carbon footprint

Freight forwarders can now help their customers take action on their carbon footprint ‘s newly announced partnership with Pledge will incorporate trusted carbon measurement, emission reduction and carbon removal capabilities within the productivity platform for freight forwarders.

Pledge’s offering leverages tens of thousands of data points to calculate emissions in line with the strictest standards and uses independent experts and registries to rigorously vet all offsetting projects. The partnership with Pledge will provide customers with the tools needed to understand, manage, and reduce their business’s climate impact as well as meet the demand for ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives.

“Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) are under increasing regulatory pressures to report on the full carbon impact of the movements within their supply chain networks,” said James Coombes, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, “Our customers can now track shipment emissions, both at the aggregate level and for every completed leg of the journey.”

The Pledge integration enables’s freight forwarding customers to help BCOs make more carbon-efficient decisions at the booking stage while also reporting the full carbon footprint at a shipment level—helping to attribute the impact to specific SKUs.

“With this partnership, our customers can win more business by delivering unparalleled operational transparency and flexibility around their customers’ carbon footprints,” continued Coombes.

“Pledge and have a shared focus on sustainability, as well as optimizing and assisting the transportation & logistics industry,” David de Picciotto, co-founder and CEO of Pledge. “Traditional carbon measurement and offsetting solutions are costly, difficult to implement and often only accessible to a restricted group of larger companies. We started Pledge to enable any company to launch high quality and verified climate products as quickly and easily as possible.”

Pledge is now integrated into the user interface of’s technology, providing forwarders automated workflows that can understand, triage and act on incoming emissions and shipment data, saving operators countless hours chasing information, manually keying into systems and reconciling against downstream systems. The platform’s real-time, continuous processing will enable forwarding operators to better track sustainability data and help advise on more conscious, carbon conservative decisions going forward.

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