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COP28 briefing
Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Al Suwaidi outlined the UAE's ambition as COP28 host nation and defended the controversial move to appoint the country's state energy company chief as president of the crucial climate negotiations.
just energy transition
EB Studio The journey from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy sources for Asian countries is fraught with complications for those who work in and live around energy-related industries, and requires a massive amount of financial capital.
Marina South_greenery_Singapore
Lim Tuang Liang will assume the national CSO role from January 1, 2023. He will be leaving his post as the head of science and technology at the city state's sustainability and environment ministry.
We asked experts which issues they think will—or should—turn up the heat in the climate conversation.
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Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Bali, Indonesia
While some believe that economic growth is incompatible with fighting climate change, only growing economies can produce the financial resources needed to make the transition to a net-zero economy. Accelerating global growth could bring lower-income households into the middle class and build infrastructure to reduce emissions.
Vietnam wind turbine towers
World leaders at the COP27 summit in Sharm El-Sheikh should focus on efforts to decarbonise the world’s electricity grids as fast as possible. Doing so will improve energy access and make the rest of the green transition easier.
G20 summit
There are multiple reasons why climate action is an appealing target for aspiring and incumbent authoritarians, but none has anything to do with the climate itself. Citizens must get wise to this new threat of reactionary populism.
A farmer plants rice in a drought farm in China
If corporations – including even fossil-fuel companies – are now “climate leaders,” fully and loudly committed to the net-zero cause, why are emissions still rising? The answer lies in the voluntary nature of net-zero pledges.
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Ice caps and a warming planet
"We have a choice about the speed of sea-level rise." The Eco-Business Podcast talks to climate scientist Professor Ben Horton about how close the world is to reaching crucial climate tipping points, and what can be done to stop runaway climate change.
EB Podcast: Climate Tech In Asia - Gogoro Founder Horace Luke
Exclusive In this new podcast series 'Climate Tech in Asia', Eco-Business speaks to Gogoro chairman and CEO Horace Luke about the company's recent listing on the Nasdaq and its quest to electrify Asia's ubiquitous two-wheelers and make battery swapping mainstream.
A solar farm in Australia
A US$22 billion project involving 12,000 hectares of solar panels and 3,800km of cabling running from Darwin to Singapore might be the most ambitious renewable energy project ever. How will it work? Eco-Business talked to Fraser Thompson of project developer Sun Cable.
Google moonshot
With governments and companies racing towards net zero, Google has set a target to use clean energy for every location and every hour of its operations by 2030. Is this possible?
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