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China’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions grew 4 per cent in the first quarter of 2023, reaching a record high for the first three months of the year.
Emissions from a smoke stack
A study by global index provider MSCI found that while almost a half of publicly listed firms globally now have decarbonisation targets, the corporate world's emissions are aligned with a catastrophic 2.7 degrees of warming.
Dutch airline KLM was one of the first companies to get into trouble for using carbon offsets to claim that air travel was "carbon neutral".
A report on how Asia's finance industry can navigate misleading ESG claims presents consumers and regulators with new headaches to remedy as greenwashing evolves and intensifies. But tackling greenwash in Asia cannot be left to regulators alone, experts say.
Local resistance and high palm oil prices have slowed huge expansion plans for power plants fired by palm oil.
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The materials, innovation, and capital needed to reach net-zero emissions are not equally distributed and, as a result, must be shared around the world.
Men in Assam, India, preparing flood defences.
Critics who dismiss voluntary carbon markets as greenwashing are overlooking people who are in desperate need of climate finance. Yes, carbon markets have problems that need fixing. But they are an essential solution for communities on the frontline of climate change.
Now that the developed world has finally accepted a degree of financial responsibility for the loss and damage caused by climate change, the broader climate debate will henceforth turn on the question of liability.
transportation of LNG via ship
LNG importers and ESG investors should beware of evolving cost and climate claims
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A solar farm in Australia
A US$22 billion project involving 12,000 hectares of solar panels and 3,800km of cabling running from Darwin to Singapore might be the most ambitious renewable energy project ever. How will it work? Eco-Business talked to Fraser Thompson of project developer Sun Cable.
COP26 podcast
The climate talks in Glasgow could have a major trickle-down effect on Asia's business community. What should the region's businesses expect from COP26? The Eco-Business Podcast asked energy and sustainability expert Malavika Bambawale.
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