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Petrol station attendant Naeem Satti charges an electric SUV at a charging station in Islamabad, Pakistan
Spurred on by hefty new tax exemptions for electric vehicle imports, an ambitious policy to cut carbon emissions and urban pollution is picking up speed.
covid homes thailand
Newly built micro homes helped residents brave a surge of the coronavirus, and could be a model for a planned redevelopment.
Malampaya natural gas3
The country's only domestic source of liquified natural gas is expected to run dry this decade sparking a boom in import terminal projects. But regulatory uncertainty and financial risks could turn them into bad investments.
SingPost headquarters
Lee joins from Lendlease, where she spent more than 20 years of her career.
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How China could
Transport ministers from across Asia and the Pacific are meeting this week to consider a potentially transformational agenda for how people and goods are moved around the region and across the globe.
A woman rides in the back of an auto-rickshaw in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Despite rising education levels, women account only for 25 per cent of India's work force. The lack of safe, affordable and efficient transportation options could be one reason why, writes Ola Cabs' Kasturi GVL.
Traffic congestion in Singapore
With increasing urbanisation, Asia faces enormous challenges to ensure environmental sustainability and the liveability of its cities while maintaining economic growth. But the solutions are already within our reach, says Ken Kawai of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Container ship CMA CGM Marco Polo
A new strategy adopted by the International Maritime Organization is steering the shipping industry towards halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. University of Manchester's Paul Gilbert outlines five ways the industry can prepare for this low-carbon future.
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