Beyond cables: EMROD’s pioneering tech, a sustainable energy solution at SLINGSHOT 2023

Beyond cables: EMROD's pioneering tech, a sustainable energy solution at SLINGSHOT 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Wireless Power, EMROD Sets the Stage for a More Sustainable, Efficient, and Greener Singapore.

EMROD, a pioneering New Zealand-based startup commercialising long-range wireless power transfer technology, has been selected as one of the SLINGSHOT 2023 Top 50 Global Startups and is set to pitch at the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) 2023.

EMROD’s technology makes it possible to wirelessly distribute large amounts of energy over long distances, making it an exciting technology to support Singapore’s energy transition goals.

“Our vision at EMROD is to revolutionise power transfer with power-beaming technology. Being part of SLINGSHOT is an exciting opportunity to present EMROD’s technology and how it will support 2030 targets laid out in Singapore’s Green Plan. We’re eager to contribute to Singapore’s sustainable energy journey and are progressing promising discussions with partners in Singapore to make this happen” - Greg Kushnir, CEO, EMROD.

EMROD’s technology is uniquely designed for large-scale energy transmission, making it well-suited for grid-scale distribution. Unlike other companies developing technologies for small-scale power transfer, EMROD’s technology can send megawatts and eventually gigawatts of power over thousands of miles. This makes it a valuable solution for a wide range of applications, including connecting renewable energy sites to the grid, powering electric transport and shipping on the go, addressing renewable energy intermittency of supply and supporting space-based energy infrastructure.

In July 2023, Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong, visited EMROD’s facilities in Auckland, New Zealand, to discuss EMROD’s technology and its applications in Singapore. EMROD’s immediate focus in Singapore is to deploy power-beaming technology to support the decarbonisation of harbour crafts and connect regional power grids, supporting the Singapore Green Plan 2030 targets to advance Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development.

“Aotearoa New Zealand’s tech community is renowned for delivering global solutions that show empathy for the earth and those upon it, from world-leading climate technology to ground-breaking renewable energy innovations. Singapore is home to the world’s second busiest port and by providing power, anywhere, EMROD has the potential to help Singapore decarbonise its maritime sector and make the shift to renewable energy. Partnership opportunities exist in developing charging infrastructure for electric harbour-craft, as well as improving the usability of solar power. EMROD is one of the New Zealand tech companies that are building future-focused technology for a better tomorrow, in Singapore, New Zealand and across the globe.” – Maggie Christie, Trade Commissioner Singapore.

As Singapore advances its Smart Nation Initiative, EMROD’s technology could also support Singapore to achieve its plan to import low-carbon electricity by 2035, with space-based wireless power beaming architecture. This system, called the World-Wide Energy Matrix (“WEM”), is a satellite system for wirelessly sending power to, from, and around Earth using EMROD’s power-beaming technology. WEM proposes a solution to address the mismatch between supply and demand from renewable energy sources, connecting renewable energy generators and consumers around the globe and enabling more optimal placement of generation assets.

SLINGSHOT, a significant segment of the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH), champions startups poised to make a global impact. With participants from numerous countries and industry leaders, SWITCH 2023 is at the epicenter of innovation, especially in sustainable technology. EMROD will pitch at this event as one of 50 companies selected from around the world, and will participate in the SWITCH Trade Exhibition, SLINGSHOT ZONE.


Established in 2019, EMROD is a startup pioneering the development of power-beaming technology for commercial use. EMROD’s breakthrough technology is a system for safely and efficiently sending large amounts of power over long distances in scenarios where it is too expensive, technically challenging, or environmentally risky to introduce fixed wires. The use cases for EMROD’s technology are terrestrial and space-based applications, including connecting renewable projects to the grid, providing power to remote communities, powering remote infrastructure, disaster recovery and mitigation, powering large vehicles to support the decarbonisation of industries, and aviation and space-based energy infrastructure.

Learn more about EMROD:

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