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Myanmar is the gateway to Asean for South Asia. Strengthening the India-Myanmar electricity grid connection and accessing the large Indian power market can provide Myanmar access to a reliable supply of electricity.
Beni Suryadi ACE
Beni Suryadi, manager of the Power, Fossil Fuel, Alternative Energy and Storage department, has been concurrently appointed acting head of the new unit. He says he is there to realise a task seen as “mission impossible”.
Plaintiffs filed for South Korea's electricity plan to be revoked at the Seoul Administrative Court on Monday, 20 March.
A group of citizens and renewable energy firms are suing the Korean government for weakening the East Asian country's domestic climate commitment.
Global disruption to gas supplies has led to electricity outages in Bangladesh this year, while progress on the Rooppur nuclear power plant has been plagued by construction delays.
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China EV charging
Getting more clean cars on the road would also save tens of thousands of lives annually by reducing air pollution. Chinese transportation officials have no reason to hold back and should set more ambitious targets for electric vehicles.
People using internet services
The world's dependency on digital technology was laid bare by the Covid-19 pandemic. Policymakers need to mobilise digital connectivity to improve the daily welfare of the most vulnerable populations, writes Riccardo Puliti of the World Bank.
woman farmworker water pump
Women often get the short end of the stick in rural areas where energy access is poor. In the drive to improve energy access, directing finance to increase the participation of women in the energy sector is necessary.
Solar panels, Nepal, energy access
Fostering local innovation and equipping local service providers with the tools to deliver solutions that meet people’s needs can create sustainable development impact at scale.
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Jovie Montajes, founder of Light of Hope PH
After 20 years without electricity, more than 50 households in Cebu's poorest district have been provided with solar energy, financed by carbon offsets.
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Gojek vehicle in Indonesia
GoTo sustainability head Tanah Sullivan tells the Eco-Business Podcast that regulating net-zero claims would decarbonise Southeast Asia faster. Indonesia's biggest internet firm aims to cut emissions to zero by 2030 — a target critics say is unrealistic.
EB Podcast: Climate Tech In Asia - Gogoro Founder Horace Luke
Exclusive In this new podcast series 'Climate Tech in Asia', Eco-Business speaks to Gogoro chairman and CEO Horace Luke about the company's recent listing on the Nasdaq and its quest to electrify Asia's ubiquitous two-wheelers and make battery swapping mainstream.
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