Better choice for the Earth: low-carbon functional socks from Taiwan

Better choice for the Earth: low-carbon functional socks from Taiwan

In response to the global trend of net zero emissions by 2050, the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (SMESA) actively assisted SMEs in keeping pace with the international trend of net zero emissions and promoting sustainable and low-carbon transformation of enterprises.

Danken, a Taiwan-based enterprise that is also an internationally renowned supplier, has built a “low-carbon functional socks supply chain” through the guidance of the Plastics Industry Development Centre (PIDC), funded by Taiwan government and plastics industry, to drive suppliers of equipment, materials, and packaging to move toward energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Founded more than 38 years ago, Danken specialises in development. Our product planning, design, production, and sales are all MIT. Considering local characteristics and low-carbon transportation, it gathers local suppliers and integrates hosiery loom factories, hosiery knitting factories, and packaging material factories to jointly invest in carbon inventory and carbon reduction.

With the guidance and assistance of the SMEs and Start-ups Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, a “Carbon Inventory Promotion Group” has been set up to carry out energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures in its production and operation processes, starting the road to green transformation and gradually moving towards net-zero status.

In order to meet the customer’s customised design, Danken adopts recycled materials to achieve a carbon reduction of 25 per cent, uses improved knitting methods to reduce waste yarn, and prolongs the service life of products through knitting methods to extend the life cycle of functional socks.

In addition to materials, Danken also pursues environmental protection in packaging printing by using non-toxic ink to reduce environmental pollution. Besides, together with local sock-knitting machinery factories, we have optimized the production process and increased production efficiency by about 20 per cent to reduce carbon emissions and save energy. Connected with key suppliers, we have successfully created a pair of “low-carbon functional socks”, to push MIT low-carbon functional socks into the international green consumer market.

MIT low-carbon functional socks were exposed at the Sporting Goods Fair in Munich, Germany this year, bringing them to the international market and jointly driving green business opportunities in the supply chain of the hosiery industry.

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