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As rising heat and other climate change impacts hit workers, manufacturers are under pressure from brands seeking sustainable fashion.
Textiles made of banana, pineapple and abaca fibre were showcased in the Philippines in an expo that shows how technology can help improve textiles made of natural fibres.
The Covid-19 pandemic hit them hard and nearly took away their livelihoods. But with new initiatives launched to champion traditional textile makers and sustainable fashion, the artisans of Iloilo, Philippines, are back at work on their looms. This International Women's Day, we spotlight their stories and how they have overcome their struggles.
Tamra Gondo
The CEO of Liberty Society says workers in the fashion industry are underpaid and working in an unsafe environment. She shares how her company trains and empowers marginalised women and its aim to help reduce material waste.
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Eco chic vs copycats
Fast-fashion brands are copying designs of sustainable clothing labels but they have not managed to imitate the concept.
Coltan mine, Congo
When forced labour practices are part of supply chains, it is reasonable to ascertain that environmental degradation may be present too.
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According to a new report, the fashion industry still remains biased towards white men, and employees of colour in the industry feel like they don't belong. Inequality in fashion is a systemic issue that will require collective action.
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