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Destroying Unused Clothes Fast Fashion
One truckload of perfectly wearable textiles is dumped in landfills or incinerated every second. Why? And what is being done to challenge the fashion trade's wasteful business model?
Global Slavery Index exposes links between climate change and rising risk of forced labour.
With bird flu spreading globally, some argue fur farming should be abolished to impede transmission to humans.
The Jakarta-based fashion start-up works directly with village craftswomen and grows 100 per cent of its own cotton – "hard choices" it's had to make because the majority of garment makers are still unfairly paid and material traceability is almost impossible.
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As countries prepare to meet this month to work on the first global agreement to end plastic pollution, the perspectives of South Asia must be heard loud and clear.
Eco chic vs copycats
Fast-fashion brands are copying designs of sustainable clothing labels but they have not managed to imitate the concept.
Coltan mine, Congo
When forced labour practices are part of supply chains, it is reasonable to ascertain that environmental degradation may be present too.
clothes on a rack
According to a new report, the fashion industry still remains biased towards white men, and employees of colour in the industry feel like they don't belong. Inequality in fashion is a systemic issue that will require collective action.
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