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21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 03-07 June 2013, Copenhagen - Call for abstract deadline: 21 January 2013

What will be the key innovations to be reported in 2013?

Efficiency of conversion from biomass to bioenergy, biofuel or bio-product is of utmost importance in achieving both the greatest possible greenhouse gas savings and the best economic performance of a process. Consequently, a number of questions arise.

-What in fact is the best way to use biomass to maximise greenhouse gas emissions?

-How can we best plan and design bioenergy processes to effectively fit into developing power grids that are increasingly fed with variable supplies from wind and solar?

-How do we make best use of our agricultural resources in Europe and globally and still ensure the sustainable use of our resources? -

-Can we expand our use of forests as a source of biomass?

-Will certification schemes provide adequate auditing tools for monitoring compliance with sustainability rules?

These are some of the questions we need to address. These topics and more will form the basis of the plenaries, orals and posters.

We are in search of interesting research and new concepts to share with the biomass community. So, if you have innovative ideas and want to present your latest scientific and technological results to biomass specialists and decision-makers from around the globe we encourage your active participation by submitting an abstract by January 21st 2013.

For more information please contact and visit:

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