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Illegal waste exports from the United States to Philippines
A US-based environmental advocacy group that cited China, Indonesia, and the Philippines as the word's top ocean plastic polluters, retracted its 2015 findings, saying it completely disregarded plastic waste exports from rich countries.
The the effective implementation of sanctions is one of the most important actions the international community can take to support the citizens of Myanmar, a new report by Forest Trends found.
advertising board during COP26
Financial institutions including HSBC and Bridgewater Associates are backing a public database to simplify access to corporate sustainability data. 'ESG Book', created by data firm Arabesque, aims to standardise multiple corporate disclosures from around the world.
Japan, China back coal despite Paris pledges
Despite both countries' commitments towards carbon-neutrality, Japan is the world's top lender to the coal industry and China is its leading underwriter.
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The foreign money in China’s booming coal industry
Analysis of data from a list of coal companies worldwide has exposed the extent of international finance for Chinese coal companies.
green tea smallholder development in Lao PDR
Green business is a win-win for all, but the private sector alone cannot finance its growth. Here's how policymakers can help scale up Asia's sustainable business, write Asian Development Bank's Daniele Ponzi and Erin Jan Sinogba.
Accountant counting something
How can you manage what your accountant isn't trained to measure, asks Leanne Keddie from Concordia University.
Business meeting and graphs
The writing is on the wall: existing resource-intensive, unsustainable businesses will be left behind in the near future. WRI experts offer 4 tips for low-carbon growth.
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change the world
International auditing firm Mazars has launched a global challenge for aspiring young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to test their innovative ideas through the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge.
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