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Eufrocinio Bernabe Jr, assistant secretary at the Department of Finance, making a pitch for the Maharlika Investment Fund at 'Unlocking capital for sustainability' Philippines, says it is an additional source of capital for renewables.
British rock band Coldplay's release of its arena tour sustainability report – it is one of few artistes to do so – brought it extra attention. Korean pop powerhouses are starting to align themselves with the climate movement. Observers say it is a good start, but claims need to be scrutinised.
Taxes are not paid on some 9 million hectares (22.2 million acres), an area three times the size of Belgium, an Indonesian government audit finds.
The Jakarta-based fashion start-up works directly with village craftswomen and grows 100 per cent of its own cotton – "hard choices" it's had to make because the majority of garment makers are still unfairly paid and material traceability is almost impossible.
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The foreign money in China’s booming coal industry
Analysis of data from a list of coal companies worldwide has exposed the extent of international finance for Chinese coal companies.
green tea smallholder development in Lao PDR
Green business is a win-win for all, but the private sector alone cannot finance its growth. Here's how policymakers can help scale up Asia's sustainable business, write Asian Development Bank's Daniele Ponzi and Erin Jan Sinogba.
Accountant counting something
How can you manage what your accountant isn't trained to measure, asks Leanne Keddie from Concordia University.
Business meeting and graphs
The writing is on the wall: existing resource-intensive, unsustainable businesses will be left behind in the near future. WRI experts offer 4 tips for low-carbon growth.
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change the world
International auditing firm Mazars has launched a global challenge for aspiring young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to test their innovative ideas through the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge.
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