WEBINAR: Valuing Natural Capital- an Introduction

“Natural capital” is a trending topic and it can be difficult to separate the rhetoric from its tangible role in solving sustainability challenges. Putting aside the jargon, the business case for maintaining the resources and critical support services nature provides (natural capital) is clear for risk mitigation, reputation and profitability. Dr. Dorothy Maxwell, author of Valuing Natural Capital, Future Proofing Business and Finance (DoSustainability, April, 2015) provides the “need to know facts” on the current natural capital agenda.

Target Audience: Business, finance, accountancy and sustainability professionals

Dates: Wednesday, 18 November 2015 & Wednesday, 2 December 2015
This webinar will be run at three times on each of these dates to suit Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Americas time zones.

Registration: To register to attend one of the regional webinars please click on the link below and choose your time.

02 December 2015

Cost: £25 ex VAT

More Information: Click here for more details

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