“The Dark Side of the Digital Age: E-Waste” - Get wasted + E-Waste Collection Drive

This is the 3rd Event of a pressing series on ‘Circular Economy & Waste Management’ in Asia.

Our previous two sessions, “Waste to Wealth: the Circular Economy Advantage” and “Plastics on Our Plates” covered the serious lack of waste disposal management in Asia and introduced the Circular Economy as a solution for companies, governments and individuals in handling this pressing issue. During this 3rd session, we will be focusing on e-waste through talks from Starhub Corporates to Social Entrepreneurs and a CNA Documentary Producer: screenings; and an e-waste collection drive.


Not sure what to do with your old smartphones or batteries that have been hanging out in your cupboards for years? This event is the perfect occasion for you to get rid of them! SO please bring along any e-waste you might have at home. We will provide recycling bins for discarding, so that they can be recycled >>> CHECK out this LINK to see what e-waste you can bring from home.


Globally, about 64.5 million tonnes of e-waste is generated annually of which, only around 40% is processed properly. Asia is the world’s largest contributor of e-waste - more than Europe and America together.

The average e-waste generation per capita in Singapore is one of the highest in the region of Asia, of approximately 19.95kg.

E-waste, which comprises precious metals can produce 10% of gold of what is obtained through mining. About 1000kg of electronic goods amounts to 125g of gold.

Again, this is not only a business loss but a massive challenge for the environment and the societies.

This is why we will be holding our 3rd Session on ‘Circular Economy & Waste Management in Asia’ focusing on e-waste. The purpose of the event series: to understand the issue, see what different players can do (companies, governments, individuals) and see how we can collaborate.

We look forward to invigorating discussions on how we can tackle the issue of e-waste!


  • E-waste reality in Asia & in Singapore
  • The different e-waste composition (electronics, previous metals etc.) and recycling/reuse potential
  • Understand what you can do as individuals and as companies
  • Understand new regulations across Asia - ie. India, Indonesia and what would be best case in Singapore
  • How e-waste is a business opportunity - and how good waste management businesses can bring millions out of poverty
  • Understand case studies & pilots happening in Asia - Tech, Comms, Electronics Sector


6.30pm ~ Networking, Dinner & Drinks

6.45pm ~ Icebreaker + Intro by Abishek Balasubramanian

7.00pm ~ Documentary Screening: “Trash Trail” - Episode 1

7.30pm ~ Sharing by Starhub x Tes-Amm, Jeannie Ong, Head of Strategic Partnership at Starhub and Wu Ge, General Manager of Tes-Amm

7.45pm ~ Muriel Boutin-Becuwe, Founder of Papayapaths

8.00pm ~ Q&A; Discussion with speakers above joined by XiangYu Say, CNA Producer of “Trash Trail Ep. 1”

8.30pm ~ Networking


Jeannie Ong is the Chief Strategic Partnership Officer of Starhub Singapore (CSPO). Jeannie has over 20 years of experience in the corporate, financial, marketing and community communications across different industries, as well as various awards under her belt. The most notable being the The Green Award at the Asia Communications Awards, which she and her team clinched in 2015 and 2014. This was in recognition of StarHub’s significant progress in environmental policies and programmes, under their RENEW (REcycling Nation’s Electronic Waste) program. Together with Tes-Amm, Starhub provides 235 recycling bins currently located at 185 locations, such as schools, malls and offices, and aims to provide 100 more at the end of the year.

Mr. Wu Ge is the General Manager at TES-AMM Singapore. He has rich experiences and a proven successful record as senior executive in IT and chemical industries.Prior to that, Mr. Wu Ge held the position of director of operations in Akzo Noble powder coatings business based in Singapore, responsible for 11 performance coatings manufacturing facilities throughout Asia Pacific. He was managing director for Valspar packaging coating business in Asia Pacific for years. Mr. Wu Ge had more than 10 years of experience in IT businesses, he held progressively more responsible in Engineering and Engineering Management positions with Hewlett-Packard Singapore and its spin-off Agilent.

Muriel Boutin-Becuwe is the Co-Founder of Papaya-paths, which started in 2015. She was previously a consultant in the field of sustainable development, and completed several projects on e-waste, recycling, employees environmental awareness, etc. These days, Muriel’s company is a business to business match making platform that helps hotels/businesses give their good useable items a new lease of life through donations to organisations with a cause and their beneficiaries.

They have diverted about 32 tonnes of items and are currently growing a network of hotels and organisations in need.

XiangYu Say is an award winning producer from Channel News Asia (CNA). XiangYu is passionate about environmental issues such as pollution and waste management, as well as human rights issues. She has produced many documentaries and tv programs related to those topics. Her investigative documentary about the haze crisis in Indonesia, titled “Heart of the Haze”, clinched a Silver Award for Docus: Global Issues at the World Media Festival 2016 and was one of the 60 finalists for the prestigious 2016 Peabody Awards. One of her other works she has produced, titled “Trash Trail - ep 1” will be screened during our event.

Abishek Balasubramanian is the Senior Account Manager at Gone Adventurin.
Started in 2011, Gone Adventurin is a B Corporation certified Business based in Singapore and driving Circular Economy & Waste Management in Asia. Abishek has been on the team for a little over two years and he oversees various eco-projects. He has worked on sustainability projects for some of the world’s largest brands including Unilever, P&G; and Danone. Abishek has expertise in many fields such as engineering, film and photography, and has a passion for promoting sustainable living.


Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for our amazing partner the IMPACT Hub Singapore for hosting us.

Get your tickets at >>> http://aboutewaste.peatix.com <<<

Tickets are on sale at $20 each,

early bird tickets are on sale at $15 from now till 17 May, 2359!!!



** Please note that photos taken at events will be used for Gone Adventurin’s publicity & marketing materials.

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