The 18th Shibowei China (Beijing) International Organic & Green Food Industry Expo 2015

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed construction of ecological civilization, the development of ecological agriculture, the spirit of building a moderately prosperous society, which means the Chinese organic food industry will usher in a bright spring. It is expected that 2015 Chinese organic agricultural consumption will reach the market scale of 24.8 billion - 59.4 billion yuan, and organic food will develop an annual growth rate of 15%. In Chinese food consumption, consumers have special focus on dairy, vegetables, and security of fruits. However, in the past few years, food safety accidents frequently occured, it is to establish a traceability system for organic products made new demands. Meanwhile, the green agriculture industry is the main force of the original ecological health in the future, in the current era of healthy living theme of bright prospects.

China Shibowei International Organic Expo is the core part of China Shibowei International Health Industry Expo (CIHIE, 2012-2014 CIHIE for three consecutive years has been supporting and has been getting large allowance by the Ministry of Commerce, which is the only one Chinese health industry expo got this treatment). So far, Shibowei Organic Expo has been successfully held for 17 times. Years of growth and accumulation, not only witnessed the process of growing organic food industry, but also opened up new avenues of innovation and development of the exhibition industry

We had itinerant exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai these two major cities, creating organic and green industry exhibition brand myth. 2015 18th China (Beijing) International Organic & Green Food Industry Expo will be held at China International Exhibition Center. We sincerely invite you to join the vast number of organic and green businesses to create new miracles.

Exhibition Background

China International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo is the main section of China International Health Industry Expo. From 2012 to 2014, we had 30% support and subsidy by Commerce Ministry Of China, which is the only one Chinese health industry Expo got this treatment. It has been successfully held for 17 times, which was launched by Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd. Growing with 17 times’ development, the expo not only witnessed the growing process of organic food industry, but also became a miracle of exhibition industry development.

On April 8th -10th, 2014, the 16th China (Beijing) International Organic Food Industry Expo, the leaders of The Ministry of Commerce, The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Agriculture professional associations about nutrition and health care products, more than 30 professional media and ten thousand of professional audiences had witnessed the unprecedented event together. According to incomplete statistics, the number of the 16th Organic Expo breaks through 25000 attendees, meanwhile, more than 300 exhibitors with Organic Certification and 580 exhibitors in health food industry from 20 countries show more than 1000 new products in the organic industry. It makes us witness the growth of the organic food industry which is being perfected and see the optimistic prospects of the development of the industry.

For The 18th Organic & Green Food Industry Expo, we always keep on cooperating with international related organization. Now, the Organizing Committee has established investment agency in USA、Japan、South Korea, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, Russia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan etc.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Wendy Wei
[javascript protected email address]

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