China International Tissue Industry Summit 2013

China International Tissue Industry Summit 2013: Driving Excellence for Better Quality, Sustainability and Profitability 

Conference Background

China is now the world’s second largest tissue producer and consumer, after the US and its consumption accounts for around 15% of the world’s total. To show how rapid growth has been, just over 20 years ago, in 1990, China only produced 679,000 tons of tissue. The output in 2010 was 7.7 times of that in 1990….Undoubtedly, the booming tissue industry is an excellent opportunity for producers and industry suppliers to equip themselves with modern and efficient technology.

Aiming to drive excellence for better quality, sustainability and profitability in tissue industry, China International Tissue Industry Summit 2013 will be gathering well-known professional from top tissue industry leaders, making discussions on latest information of industry technology, equipment and raw materials etc..  It would be a great opportunity for tissue industry and related business experts to obtain more awareness as well as establish some new contacts for future business expansion and cooperation or technical exchange.

Summit Highlights:

Ø  Energy efficiency and emission reduction in tissue & paper industry emphasized in “Circular Economy” initiative in China’s 12th FYP  

Ø  Overview and outlook of Hygienic Products industry market: current status quo and development trend

Ø  Incorporating Sustainability into your business strategy to Reduce Forest Fiber Footprint and Strengthen Your Brands

Ø  Tissue Quality Controls and Measurement (strength, absorbency and softness)

Ø  New Insights into the Application of High-yield Pulp in Tissue and Towel

Ø  Automation application technologies contributing to the overall sustainable development of global tissue & paper making industry

Ø  Making Premium Tissue with Better Operation Efficiency, High Flexibility and Lower Energy consumption

Ø  Improving the Runnability of Tissue Machines and Operating Efficiency

Ø  Practical Solutions to Recover Fiber, Increase Yield and Improve Quality

Ø  Innovative tissue technology and solutions boosting sustainable development in tissue drying

Ø  Tissue and Towel Wet End Optimization —- contributing to sheet quality improvement

Ø  Environmental Leadership in the Tissue Paper Sector — Beyond Forest Certification

Ø  Converting Efficiencies—-Increasing Efficiency to Reduce Costs in Tissue Converting

Ø  Innovative advanced technology and solutions driving sustainable tissue making with high bulk, softness and at lower cost.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

James Chan
[javascript protected email address]

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