3rd Recyclable Mono Material Packaging Solutions

3rd Recyclable Mono Material Packaging Solutions

New material development & processing technology for the evolving Mono Material movement in both food / non-food packaging

In many food-packaging applications, including stand-up pouches and flow wrappers, films are typically made using mixed materials in the structure.

Mono-material structures and barrier innovations are rapidly developing to replace laminations, “composites” utilizing paper, aluminium and barrier resins or mixed polymers!

As brand owners commit to using more recycled content in their packaging, today – we are not only going to see continued growth in this trend but with even more ‘sustainability’ built into monolayer structures, by using recycled grades – such as those seen in packaging fresh produce from mono material recycled PET.

What options are out there in mono-material rigid packaging trays for fresh food?

Are there clean recycled PE streams that can be incorporated into finished products with the performance comparable to virgin resin?

Will the usage of recycled grades weaken the performance of the mono-material packaging?

Numerous brand owners are working with suppliers and converters to redesign those structures to eliminate foil, nylon or other materials in order to meet both consumer demand for sustainability. Polyolefin suppliers have also been tweaking their processes to produce advanced grades of PE and PP and nearly all the major polyolefin players have developed recycled resin portfolios.

Oriented PE in films like MDO or BOPE are being explored now to deliver stiffer and tougher all-PE films.

The 3rd Recyclable Mono Material Packaging Solutions has lined up a top panel of experts in the packaging supply chain to share about the innovations & challenges in switching to mono materials while maintaining product quality!

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Huiyan Fu
[javascript protected email address]

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