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‘Nourishing by Nature’: How dairy could help address growing food insecurity in Southeast Asia

Dutch milk company FrieslandCampina takes part in the fight against growing food insecurity in the region with one glass of milk at a time.

Video: FrieslandCampina

With the global population expected to rise to 9 billion by 2050, the challenge of ensuring food and nutrition security for people all around the world is one that requires concerted and targeted effort. Efforts that can ensure better nutrition for people, and enhance livelihoods for farmers.

Dutch milk company FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s biggest dairy companies, seeks to address this challenge through two key public-private partnership initiatives, the Dairy Development Programme and the Drink.Move.BeStrong campaign.

With more than 140 years of farming expertise, the Dairy Development Programme works with over 45,000 smallholder dairy farmers in Southeast Asia to raise the quality and quantity of milk that is produced locally.

“We launched our Dairy Development Programme to equip dairy farmers in Southeast Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe with the skills and the infrastructure to run their businesses optimally, improve their economic situation, and supply higher quality, nutrient-rich dairy to the regions,” said Sybren Attema, regional dairy development manager.

The Drink.Move.BeStrong campaign, on the other hand, is a multi-nation advocacy effort that also demonstrates the role that FrieslandCampina can play in encouraging the holistic development of children through the instilling of nutritional eating habits, and encouraging active lifestyles.

Both initiatives are embodied in FrieslandCampina’s ethos, “Nourishing by Nature.”

Through these initiatives, FrieslandCampina is helping to provide consumers and farmers with what they need to lead healthy and meaningful lives, now and for generations to come. Lives that are characterised by good nutrition and enhanced livelihoods. 

Find out more at FrieslandCampina Asia.

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