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Poor countries' needs for funds to adapt to worsening climate change are ten to 18 times greater than actual finance, UN says.
EB Studio Pledging to run on 24/7 carbon-free energy in every country they operate in by 2030, Google is pushing for stronger energy and climate policies in Asia and the use of artificial intelligence to drive sustainable innovation.
Here's how major tech companies fared in their policies to curb misinformation, including on climate, in a new report.
The damage being done to public health by global warming is rising up the political agenda - and will be a key theme at COP28.
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Respecting planetary boundaries can bring us back to a safe operating space where Earth’s life support systems are not at risk.
fire in sequoia national forest
Some plants and animals love fire. Others do not. Science will help figure out which areas to burn, which to hose and how to create resilient ecosystems.
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