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As a heatwave grips Bangladesh, social media influencers call for tree planting but experts say solving heat problem is complex.
Scientists say a double whammy of climate change and El Niño lies behind a record-breaking year of extreme weather - and predict there's more to come.
Smoke signals from Amazon raise fears of global tipping point on climate change.
As much as half of the Amazon will face several “unprecedented” stressors that could push the forest towards a major tipping point by 2050, new research finds.
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As climate change makes smog and bushfires more common, people will die from air pollution at increasingly high rates – especially in densely populated cities.
Human health relies on healthy ecosystems, but these are under threat. Securing the right to live in a healthy environment is crucial for all.
What role can technology play in Indigenous land conservation around the world?
Respecting planetary boundaries can bring us back to a safe operating space where Earth’s life support systems are not at risk.
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