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Recovering forests can offset around a quarter of the emissions generated from deforestation in humid tropical regions, according to a new study.
Huaneng coal plants
The world’s top three credit rating agencies – S&P Global, Moody’s, and Fitch – still assign high investment-grade ratings to companies with weak ESG credit scores. This could expose investors looking for long-term returns to abrupt rating downgrades, a new study says.
Forecasts suggest that an El Niño climate pattern could begin later this year, raising sea temperatures at a time when global temperatures are already higher than ever due to human-driven climate change.
Governments have agreed a set of guidelines to protect the environment during and after wartime, the most significant legal update on the issue in 50 years.
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fire in sequoia national forest
Some plants and animals love fire. Others do not. Science will help figure out which areas to burn, which to hose and how to create resilient ecosystems.
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