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Reviving the traditional practice could protect pastureland ecosystems in the Himalayas from destructive climate change-driven wildfires.
As a heatwave grips Bangladesh, social media influencers call for tree planting but experts say solving heat problem is complex.
Scientists say a double whammy of climate change and El Niño lies behind a record-breaking year of extreme weather - and predict there's more to come.
Smog in Jakarta
The El Niño weather phenomenon, smouldering peatlands, coal power and vehicular pollution caused a big drop in air quality in Southeast Asia in 2023. In Indonesia, Southeast Asia's most polluted country, air quality fell by 20 per cent.
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Australia Bushfire 2019
We feel ecological grief when we lose places, species or ecosystems we value and love. These losses are a growing threat to mental health and wellbeing globally.
As climate change makes smog and bushfires more common, people will die from air pollution at increasingly high rates – especially in densely populated cities.
Human health relies on healthy ecosystems, but these are under threat. Securing the right to live in a healthy environment is crucial for all.
What role can technology play in Indigenous land conservation around the world?
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