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The Covid-19 pandemic hit them hard and nearly took away their livelihoods. But with new initiatives launched to champion traditional textile makers and sustainable fashion, the artisans of Iloilo, Philippines, are back at work on their looms. This International Women's Day, we spotlight their stories and how they have overcome their struggles.
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Only one in ten Malaysians are optimistic that humans can successfully limit climate change, a recent survey found. Scientists are the most trusted sources of climate information, journalists among the least.
Worries about climate change are affecting the family planning decisions of young Chinese.
Big companies branding themselves as climate leaders often have patchy plans to fulfil their promises, according to new research.
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Some climate scientists have spoken out about the dangers of climate change. But a new study shows those voices may not be very influential.
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Gender and inclusion experts discuss how women consumers in Southeast Asia are making purchasing decisions at the face of environmental challenges.
Financial feminism is the belief in the financial equality of women
Women hold the key to investing in a just, clean and sustainable future, but there’s a dearth in investment products tailored to this demographic, writes Moxie Future’s Jessica Robinson.
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In order to solve the major sustainability challenges we face today, we need to focus on small, local solutions rather than pursue a "one size fits all" global solution, says Morten Jastrup, director of the Global Opportunity Network.
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Researchers have invented a tiny, laser-powered bug that takes off, lands and aspires to hover wirelessly.
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