The State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand Annual Review 2014

The State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand Annual Review 2014

Despite awareness, the implementation of CSR is still markedly slow.

The State of CSR in Australia is our ongoing study of the CSR capabilities and performance of Australian organisations. We report annually on the results of this research, which is one of the largest ongoing research projects on CSR anywhere in the world and the biggest ongoing survey of CSR practice and performance in Australia.

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of ACCSR’s establishment as one of Australia’s earliest consultancies developed to meet the needs of the emerging management practise of CSR.

Participants in this year’s The State of CSR Annual Review– a record 990 of them – have noted some achievements over the last decade, such as raising awareness of CSR and the proliferation of implementation frameworks and tools. But they are not happy with the pace of progress within their organisations.

Many survey respondents attribute the slow progress in CSR implementation to an unsympathetic public policy environment and lack of leadership.

Respondents to the survey are calling for more leadership from business, government and the academic sector. They hope that CSR will have more government support and believe that mainstreaming would be assisted by more mandatory CSR actions.

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