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Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park
As Western countries cut reliance on China for renewable energy technologies, shifting power dynamics could see other Asian nations like India and Indonesia emerge with bigger roles in the global green energy supply chain, says former UN sustainable investment envoy.
Battery recycling needs standardising, say experts, who also call for loopholes to be closed and awareness raised among EV owners.
After agreeing in 2009 to phase out dirty energy subsidies, G20 nations pumped US$1.4 trillion into supporting fossil fuel use in 2022 – money that should be redeployed to support a shift into renewables, analysts say.
Additional policies could downgrade coal power from occasionally unprofitable to a financial liability.
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Northern Thai rice farmers
Southeast Asia is highly dependent on a volatile global supply of synthetic fertilisers. Local fertiliser production by natural means, through novel innovations, offer more sustainable alternatives worthy of policy action.
PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA)
The withdrawal of United States industrial gas company Air Products and Chemicals from planned state-linked facilities in Indonesia highlights cost challenges.
Not everyone is happy with the COP15 agreement to protect nature. Thankfully, research has revealed a lot about the best ways to revive and strengthen biodiversity.
Despite widespread recognition that women are underrepresented in climate and conservation fora, the problem persists. Given that women face the greatest risks from environmental crises and have been shown to deliver better environmental policy results, this status quo is both unjust and shortsighted.

Food & Agriculture

Ending hunger sustainably

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Vietnam, wind power story
Vietnam's wind market is thriving, but more work lies ahead if the country wants to power its booming economy without imperilling its people and the planet.
solar gili air id
Southeast Asia's largest energy consumer has been slow to transition to renewables, but recent policies point to greater expansion of the country's solar, tidal and geothermal energy production.
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