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The European Union is scrambling to respond to the United States’ US$369 billion Inflation Reduction Act without sacrificing its ‘crown jewel’ internal market.
Nik Nazmi environment minister Malaysia
The proposal has been discussed twice in Cabinet meetings and the government is also looking into reducing electricity subsidies, though experts say this is something that will take 'more than just political will' to push through.
PUV phaseout
Transport groups have taken industrial action over government plans to phase out traditional jeepneys amid hopes the scheme will be changed. Observers say the government should provide jobs or financial support for affected livelihoods.
Arsjad Rasjid, president director, Indika Energy
The developed world cannot ask emerging nations to decarbonise if it does not provide capital and share technology, says Asean Business Advisory Council chair Arsjad Rasjid, who also runs one of Indonesia's biggest coal companies.
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Not everyone is happy with the COP15 agreement to protect nature. Thankfully, research has revealed a lot about the best ways to revive and strengthen biodiversity.
Despite widespread recognition that women are underrepresented in climate and conservation fora, the problem persists. Given that women face the greatest risks from environmental crises and have been shown to deliver better environmental policy results, this status quo is both unjust and shortsighted.
Covid-19 rapid testing in Hanoi, Viet Nam
The world's imperfect responses to climate change, biodiversity loss, the Covid-19 pandemic, rising energy and food costs, and war reveal international systems in dire need of redesign.
smokestacks at a power plant
The net-zero transition requires the rapid development at scale of new technologies, energy-efficient infrastructure, and carbon capture and storage. A carbon price, together with the elimination of fossil-fuel subsidies, would give investors powerful incentives to finance these and other imperatives.

Food & Agriculture

Ending hunger sustainably

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Vietnam, wind power story
Vietnam's wind market is thriving, but more work lies ahead if the country wants to power its booming economy without imperilling its people and the planet.
solar gili air id
Southeast Asia's largest energy consumer has been slow to transition to renewables, but recent policies point to greater expansion of the country's solar, tidal and geothermal energy production.
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