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Communications and Green Economic Growth
Our research and client engagements associated with the Global Green Economy Index™ have revealed actionable examples where communications and the technologies that enable them can help to advance green economic …
World Energy Outlook 2012
The 2012 edition of the World Energy Outlook was released on 12 November and presents authoritative projections of energy trends through to 2035 and insights into what they mean for …
Supporting fossil-fuel subsidy reform in Bangladesh, India and Indonesia
Three new reports build on the International Institute for Sustainable Development's work with government and civil society on reforming fossil-fuel subsidies. Led by the IISD's Global Subsidies Initiative, these studies …
Market Size Update 2012: The Push to a Post-Subsidy Solar Industry
Solar Without Subsidies: Installations Grow to 38.3 GW in 2017 as the Market Goes Global
Food Price Escalation in South Asia – A Serious and Growing Concern
A spike in the cost of food staples like rice and wheat could push tens of millions more people into extreme poverty in South Asia but food subsidies targeted at …
Indonesia’s Fuel Subsidies: Action plan for reform
Indonesia spent IDR164.7 trillion (US$18.1 billion) subsidizing fuel products in 2011, of which IDR76.5 trillion (US$8.4 billion) was spent subsidizing gasoline. The rising cost of subsidies is placing a huge …
Cleantech on the Rise
Some business and economic opportunities only come along generationally -- a handful of times in a century. Like the harnessing of electricity, the development of railways, or the invention of …
Chinese electric vehicle charging station market 2010-2014
Research conducted by Technavio reveals, that the Chinese Electric Vehicle Charging Station market is expected to grow rapidly. The report, which focuses exclusively on China indicates, that the market is …
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