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Nabaoy River
A subsidiary of the San Miguel Corporation, one of the largest companies in the Philippines, has proposed a US$500 million hydroelectric project that will overlap with a national park on Panay Island.
polluting bus pakistan
Peshawar hopes to lower its carbon emissions by paying bus owners to give up their exhaust-spewing vehicles—but sellers and climate experts say the scheme is too slow and too small.
Ugyen Ferro Alloys Limited Namgay Tshering
The landlocked Himalayan nation counts on its mineral resources to develop, but environmental damage and corruption may be putting the country on the wrong path.
MRF San Fernando Pampanga
Exclusive As a proposed bill on the phase-out of throwaway plastic gains ground, industry experts argue that bans cannot co-exist with a circular economy. But is the problem too large to be fixed with repurposing single-use plastic?
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The Borneo Project
Rainforest destruction continues while indigenous conservation leaders are in lockdown.
smart city SG
A robust, rail-centric network should remain the backbone into which other transportation modes, like autonomous shuttles, ride-sharing and scooters, can feed.
heat accidents
As the world braces for hotter weather, car accidents, drownings and cases of violence might just become more common.
cities sustainability gentrification
Investments in sustainable infrastructure and initiatives in a city can exacerbate inequality by further marginalising local communities. How can cities design for sustainability while putting people at the centre of their plans to green?
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plastic strewn road in India
Plastic pollution is a huge problem all over of the world. Will India's plastic roads be a solution?
Modi and Xi
China has provided huge funding supposedly to help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate impacts, but it is also financing coal projects included in the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). What do recipient countries make of this?
screen shot tomorrow
Moving away from narratives that spell fear of climate-related catastrophes, "Tomorrow" tells stories of how ordinary people -- from Icelandic volcanoes to Indian slums -- employ innovative ways to fight the effects of climate change.
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GSK green office
Sponsored [The EB Podcast] In the second episode of the series Tomorrow’s cities: Engineering the energy transition, we explore how to build zero carbon cities in fast-growing Southeast Asia.
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