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Huge lithium deposits have been discovered in the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir, but extraction carries risks in environmentally fragile Himalayas.
Scientists say future deep-sea mining activities could impact cetaceans through noise pollution, which could interfere with their communication processes.
Mining for oil, gas and rare metals used for the clean energy transition are putting the world's second-largest rainforest—and a crucial carbon sink—at risk.
The Centre for Environment and Development says two Chinese companies, Mencheng Mining and Zinquo Mining, are allowing significant amounts of mercury and cyanide to spill into watercourses in the East Region.
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Indonesia copper export halts
Western governments want to advance the clean energy transition without being overly dependent on China for critical minerals. But their plans fail to acknowledge a potential obstacle: the fraught local politics of opening up new mines.
Saltwater beach
Salt water is literally the most common substance on the surface of Earth, and could be the key to a more sustainable future, writes University of Queensland's Timothy Duignan.
Scavengers pick through garbage collected at a landfill site in Thailand.
Each year more than 300 tonnes of processed gold are dumped in landfills. What if we could mine landfills for gold and other precious metals, ask researchers from Keele University.
What's in your smartphone?
Do you know what it takes to make the smartphone in your hand?
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hydrogen powered homes
A Thai firm has built the country's first homes that runs on solar power for 24 hours a day, using a hybrid of solar PV panels and fuel cells.
dead ev battery
Japanese firms venture into solar energy storage using discarded electric vehicle batteries, complementing the country's move to continue building more solar power plants.
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Nodules on the deep sea floor
Pro-miners argue that deep-sea mining is essential to enable the energy transition. On the Eco-Business podcast, Sian Owen of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition argues why nature's last frontier should be protected, not exploited.
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