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Battery recycling needs standardising, say experts, who also call for loopholes to be closed and awareness raised among EV owners.
The market has largely hit its initial goals, but challenges remain over data accuracy and supporting legislation.
India's hopes for greater collaboration on critical mineral supply chains obstructed by China at G20 meeting, energy sources say.
Climate change may push tuna into a potential hotspot of deep-sea mining interest in the eastern Pacific, new research finds.
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If unchecked, deep sea mining could impact fish stocks and Pacific Island communities along with it.
The dumbo octopus
Deep sea mining is about to get the green light and companies itching to exploit it have a head start on authorities.
The materials, innovation, and capital needed to reach net-zero emissions are not equally distributed and, as a result, must be shared around the world.
Indonesia copper export halts
Western governments want to advance the clean energy transition without being overly dependent on China for critical minerals. But their plans fail to acknowledge a potential obstacle: the fraught local politics of opening up new mines.
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hydrogen powered homes
A Thai firm has built the country's first homes that runs on solar power for 24 hours a day, using a hybrid of solar PV panels and fuel cells.
dead ev battery
Japanese firms venture into solar energy storage using discarded electric vehicle batteries, complementing the country's move to continue building more solar power plants.
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Nodules on the deep sea floor
Pro-miners argue that deep-sea mining is essential to enable the energy transition. On the Eco-Business podcast, Sian Owen of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition argues why nature's last frontier should be protected, not exploited.
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