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Circular solar industry
Sponsored To avert an impending waste crisis, the industry must look at ways to extend the useful life of solar power systems and maximise what can be reused and recycled. Laws and knowledge sharing are essential, experts say.
Children play with informal waste pickers in Myanmar
Earth Day is an annual wake up call to save our planet. Eco-Business highlights 7 ways to stimulate the senses while going easy on the planet.
Dandora landfill
Surging consumption of natural resources accounts for half of the world's planet-heating emissions and over 90 per cent of the world's biodiversity loss.
mother holds child in Congo
In the Congo basin, minerals used in cellphones and other electronics are often mined by illegal, small-scale miners who end up hurting wildlife for food and driving them away from their habitat. You can do something to change this.
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Saltwater beach
Salt water is literally the most common substance on the surface of Earth, and could be the key to a more sustainable future, writes University of Queensland's Timothy Duignan.
Scavengers pick through garbage collected at a landfill site in Thailand.
Each year more than 300 tonnes of processed gold are dumped in landfills. What if we could mine landfills for gold and other precious metals, ask researchers from Keele University.
What's in your smartphone?
Do you know what it takes to make the smartphone in your hand?
A child looks up at wind turbines
A world powered by renewable energy will prize a very different set of resources than we do today. Which countries hold the key to unlocking wind and solar energy, and how will this shake up the world order? University of Swansea's Andrew Barron discusses.
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hydrogen powered homes
A Thai firm has built the country's first homes that runs on solar power for 24 hours a day, using a hybrid of solar PV panels and fuel cells.
dead ev battery
Japanese firms venture into solar energy storage using discarded electric vehicle batteries, complementing the country's move to continue building more solar power plants.
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Nodules on the deep sea floor
Pro-miners argue that deep-sea mining is essential to enable the energy transition. On the Eco-Business podcast, Sian Owen of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition argues why nature's last frontier should be protected, not exploited.
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