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From expanding conservation areas to eliminating subsidies that harm nature, implementing the outcomes from the latest global biodiversity summit COP15 is complex for India and South Asia, say experts.
China has an impressive track record of wetland protection since joining Ramsar in 1992, but economic development still poses several challenges.
Community-led efforts to restore degraded peatlands in Indonesia’s Riau province could be put to the test in early 2023 as the dry season sets in.
The COP15 biodiversity deal aims to protect and restore degraded ecosystems but experts warn these nature-based solutions can easily go wrong.
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Haze_forest fire_Southeast Asia
With smoke haze posing a significant pollution problem for Southeast Asia, a victim-pays approach could result in cleaner air for all.
Sustainable investing
The Nobel Committee's decision to award the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was instrumental in elevating that issue to the top of the global policy agenda. Now, the same should be done to recognise the organisation that has done the most work on the crisis of biodiversity loss.
Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler: 11 things to watch in 2021
2020 was a rough year for tropical rainforest conservation efforts. So what’s in store for 2021? Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler reviews 11 key things to watch in the world of rainforests in 2021.
Deforestation, Riau, Indonesia
Although 2020 will not mark the end of deforestation for palm oil, not all hope is lost. Most supply chain actors are undertaking genuine efforts, but until those bear fruit, green groups need to maintain their watchdog function.
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