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Myanmar’s environmental record was weak but improving. Then came the coup
The February military coup in Myanmar has cast doubt on the future of environmental protection efforts in the Southeast Asian country.
Biden's return to Paris pact just a first step for US climate action
Hopes are high that Joe Biden will kickstart US involvement in global climate diplomacy and set an ambitious 2030 target to cut his country's planet-heating emissions.
People walk by office buildings in Singapore on 11 October 2017
Converting empty offices into much-needed housing seems a good idea, but may not always be feasible.
covid buildings u.s.
As cold weather sets in and Covid-19 spikes, US architects are designing healthier buildings to help people feel safe indoors.
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singapore mbfc skyscraper
Following a revision to significantly tighten the energy efficiency requirements for a Green Mark certification scheme from November, almost 73 per cent of currently certified office buildings in Singapore could now be 'off the mark'.
Government spending should incentivise consumption of public goods and services, not investment in big infrastructure and heavy industry, write Yao Zhe and Wu Yixiu.
Energy savings in offices
Increasingly, we’re hearing that individual action is insignificant relative to needed political change, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.
igbc opening
Instead of being a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, the built environment industry can do more to reduce buildings' energy use and help generate clean energy.
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printer ricoh
Toshiba's newly unveiled multi-functional printer with in-built erasable printing capabilities is a world first, and can slash paper use in offices by as much as 80 per cent.
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GSK green office
Sponsored [The EB Podcast] In the second episode of the series Tomorrow’s cities: Engineering the energy transition, we explore how to build zero carbon cities in fast-growing Southeast Asia.
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