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Global disruption to gas supplies has led to electricity outages in Bangladesh this year, while progress on the Rooppur nuclear power plant has been plagued by construction delays.
just energy transition
EB Studio The journey from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy sources for Asian countries is fraught with complications for those who work in and live around energy-related industries, and requires a massive amount of financial capital.
Rooftop solar
Smaller projects could be more manageable, but local governments need to tackle bottlenecks, from building regulations to metering schemes and subscription plans.
Much has been said this year about nature, climate and communities. Here’s our pick of the quotes that left an impression, for good or otherwise.
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Oil rig
Given the scale and complexity of the transition away from hydrocarbons, some worry that economic analysis has been given short shrift in the policy planning process. At least four major challenges stand in the way.
A lignite power plant in Germany
But many of the policy measures introduced over the past year are piecemeal responses to the fundamental challenges of energy insecurity and climate change.
transportation of LNG via ship
LNG importers and ESG investors should beware of evolving cost and climate claims
Floating solar panels on Srinakarin lake, Thailand.
Clean energy alternatives are a crucial hedge against future disruptions in global commodity markets.

Carbon & Climate

Net zero is not zero

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Malampaya natural gas2
The Philippines has ended new coal development as it pursues a low-carbon future. Don Paulino of non-profit Philippine Energy Independence Council and boss of Shell's exploration arm, argues why natural gas should remain in the energy mix.
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