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Senoko plant photo
Adopting renewables and electricity imports adds to security concerns posed by global gas market volatility. Investors’ cold shoulder towards fossil energy could also threaten the longevity of Singapore’s gas plants, analysts say.
Japan oil rig
Singapore's DBS Bank is newly listed among the top 60 banks globally which committed US$705 trillion into fossil fuel financing in 2023, a new report shows.
Minister Grace Fu speaking at Ecosperity 2024
Minister Grace Fu suggested that the region's emissions allowance would be better spent on manufacturing industries needed to sustain the aspirations of a young and growing Southeast Asia. Countries besides Singapore are needed to build an Asean renewables-based energy grid.
Prof Michael Greenstone at NUS SGFIN 2024
Economist Michael Greenstone, who first put a price on emissions for the US government, says that unless the price gap between fossil fuels and clean energy narrows, poor countries will face difficult trade-offs amid climate breakdown.
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Pakistan gas power plant
Supporting natural gas projects hinders the deployment of clean and renewable energy solutions for developing countries. Instead, nations should receive help in phasing out fossil fuels in line with their climate targets.
Malaysia solar
Achieving net zero emissions requires compromise but energy justice for all needs to be at the heart of any decision. For all the talk, it's not happening, yet.
Indranee Rajah_ICMA
In Asia, where many carbon-intensive industries operate, there is a need to ensure that financing is available for an orderly transition. The Singapore-Asia Taxonomy is expected to provide clearer definitions for a managed coal phase-out while considering national priorities.
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge oil refinery
The first global sustainability reporting standards, to include new requirements for Scope 3 emission, is expected to be published in June 2023. Energy companies would be wise to have robust decarbonisation plans, as opportunities for greenwashing will be limited once full emissions are reported.
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The EB Podcast Petronas COP28
The oil and gas sector needs to cut operational emissions faster, Charlotte Wolff-Bye tells the Eco-Business podcast. But slashing fuel output won’t do for the Asian supplier, and it welcomes respectful debate at the climate summit.
Malampaya natural gas2
The Philippines has ended new coal development as it pursues a low-carbon future. Don Paulino of non-profit Philippine Energy Independence Council and boss of Shell's exploration arm, argues why natural gas should remain in the energy mix.
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