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Hanoi air con
Gas and coal demand is up in South and Southeast Asia, as governments look to get people enough power for live-saving air-conditioning. Greener solutions come with steep price tags, and policy momentum is not guaranteed, experts say.
Ten years after the launch of a campaign to clean up heating systems, improved subsidies, district heating and retrofits should be considered.
wind solar project vietnam
Several changes to the country’s power development strategy had been made in a span of two years. The regional manufacturing hub has agreed to ditch coal by 2050, and is looking to feasibly make up for the shortfall with renewables and gas.
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)
Metrobank is the country's biggest financier of coal projects, found a new report by Withdraw from Coal. BDO and BPI scored for “weak coal divestment policy”, even if their gas portfolio exceeds coal as they pivot from the fossil fuel.
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ExxonMobil Baton Rouge oil refinery
The first global sustainability reporting standards, to include new requirements for Scope 3 emission, is expected to be published in June 2023. Energy companies would be wise to have robust decarbonisation plans, as opportunities for greenwashing will be limited once full emissions are reported.
Oil rig
Given the scale and complexity of the transition away from hydrocarbons, some worry that economic analysis has been given short shrift in the policy planning process. At least four major challenges stand in the way.
A lignite power plant in Germany
But many of the policy measures introduced over the past year are piecemeal responses to the fundamental challenges of energy insecurity and climate change.
transportation of LNG via ship
LNG importers and ESG investors should beware of evolving cost and climate claims

Carbon & Climate

Net zero is not zero

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Malampaya natural gas2
The Philippines has ended new coal development as it pursues a low-carbon future. Don Paulino of non-profit Philippine Energy Independence Council and boss of Shell's exploration arm, argues why natural gas should remain in the energy mix.
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