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Just one river is due to have 36 hydropower projects, with local people saying the impacts of tunnelling the mountainside are already forcing them to leave their homes.
As rising heat and other climate change impacts hit workers, manufacturers are under pressure from brands seeking sustainable fashion.
Indonesia’s plan to build its new capital city on an expiring logging concession in eastern Borneo has sparked concerns among environmental and human rights observers about the larger eco-social impacts to the rest of the island.
With climate-induced sea-level rise threatening the existence of island states, a new study says islands need to be raised by six metres or more to protect the Maldives.
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Coal mine in West Bengal, India
Unsafe and disaster-prone, extractive towns like Kolkata, capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, are still attractive to migrant workers.
Increased funding was pledged for climate adaptation at COP27, but it is still nowhere near what is required and is being carried out in silos.
Climate-driven migration and shrinking animal habitats increase the risk that viruses and bacteria will jump from animal hosts to humans–just as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, likely did.
climate change equals more climate refugees
While providing details of the threats facing humanity on a heating planet, the IPCC has failed once again to recognise the centrality of migration. Movement of people is already a key consequence of the climate crisis but could be a part of the solution.
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yara nepal
Nepal’s most arid region is getting even less rain than it did before, forcing villagers to relocate
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