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sheep in india
Decreasing availability of pasture and low prices for their woollen products are forcing members of the indigenous Bhotia group into new work and migration.
Tonle Sap Lake
Climate change, unsustainable and illegal fishing and the proliferation of hydropower dams on rivers that feed Tonle Sap threaten the livelihoods of over one million Cambodians.
Tattapani Hot Spring
Over two-thirds of traditional water sources in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh are dead; experts blame climate change and human activities.
evacuation by national disaster response force
A new survey finds 70 per cent of respondents left home after extreme weather shocks hit their livelihoods, in a bid to find work elsewhere.
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South Asia could see 40 million climate migrants by 2030
Tens of millions of people are migrating or are being displaced in South Asia due to disasters brought on by climate change, and the number could rise three-fold in 30 years unless countries in the region take strong measures to mitigate the worst effects of global warming.
Kutupalong refugee camp
To build a better world, every action counts. When it comes to ending the Covid-19 pandemic, those actions must include a broad global commitment to ensuring that all people—including refugees—are protected.
zaatari camp education
Given the technology, knowledge, and resources now available, the gap between current progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals and what is achievable remains far too wide. Closing that gap will require smart politics, new partnerships, and bold campaigning.
somalia drought
The relationship between a heating planet and violent clashes is complex — and critical, writes John Vidal.
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yara nepal
Nepal’s most arid region is getting even less rain than it did before, forcing villagers to relocate
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