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Coal workers hope education can help the next generation win cleaner, healthier jobs in a region that has been wedded to dirty, dangerous mining for over a century.
Lakes in Phnom Penh are fast being filled in and parcelled off as prime real estate to wealthy and politically connected individuals.
Illegal waste exports from the United States to Philippines
A US-based environmental advocacy group that cited China, Indonesia, and the Philippines as the word's top ocean plastic polluters, retracted its 2015 findings, saying it completely disregarded plastic waste exports from rich countries.
The four major waste landfills in Dhaka have left a serious environmental impact on the soil and groundwater of surrounding areas through leachate pollution, a study shows.
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The spike in plastics waste during the pandemic is worsening marine pollution.
Mounting marine pollution is choking the world’s oceans and rivers, especially in Southeast Asia — and it’ll only get worse unless something changes.
Plastic pollution in the Arctic
The historic treaty agreed by UN representatives in Nairobi earlier this year was in the spotlight again at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. Voices from government, business and civic society are shaping the way forward.
joe biden president elect
The Biden administration must prioritise an expansive climate action plan from day one. These 10 high-impact actions will make the biggest difference.
solar disc in China
China is often portrayed as an environmental and social villain by the West. However, from fighting pollution to poverty alleviation, no country has done more for sustainable development, argues Junice Yeo.
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Trash on the sidewalk in Singapore
Where do your coffee cups, clothes and household appliances go to die? New documentary Trash Trail traces the afterlife of consumer goods in Singapore to reveal surprising findings.
shenzen incineration
China's city of Shenzhen will play host to the world's largest waste-to-energy power plant by 2020, which will be capable of burning 5,000 tonnes of garbage daily. Here's how they're doing it.
circular econ
How is it different from recycling? Hint: It's about the bigger picture.
3d printing houses
Add this to China's mass manufacturing ability: a 3D printer in Shanghai can build 10 houses within 24 hours by repurposing China's 1.5 billion tonnes of construction waste into 'ink'.
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