Hong Kong’s first lead acid battery recycling centre

Hong Kong’s first Lead Acid Battery Recycling Centre (HKLARBC) is opening as early as December 2016 leading to a more environmentally friendly Hong Kong. Recently, improper disposal practices have been highlighted by recent government enforcement action including 60 convictions in June 2016.

The HKLABRC will solve this problem by recycling all lead acid batteries used in business for backup, transport, and emergency lighting. Conviction can result in up to 6 Month prison term and $200,000 fine.

The CFO of CSC Asia Pacific, Mark Rittmayer states “we do not believe this is immaterial and should be reported in the companies’ Environment, Social & Governance section of the financial statements.”

HKLARBC will solve the current situation of improper disposal by offering an environmentally friendly, “Cradle to Grave” solution in Hong Kong. The HKLABRC is offering pre-opening services.

Trip tickets required by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) under Hong Kong Waste Disposal Ordinance (WDO) be held for 12 Months for all disposed ULAB. Do you have yours? If you have contracted responsibility for disposal do they have your trip ticket? Check and be sure, Territorial Control teams are active, be prepared for ESG reporting for 2016 required by the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx)

The companies 2016 ESG section of the Annual Report should include all used Lead Acid Batteries that are used in the business for backup, transport, and emergency lighting.

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