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Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, has a construction boom and plastic waste problem; solving both could help achieve its climate goals.
Ascott GSTC MOU signing for hotel sustainability training
Eco-Business asked hospitality executives how the industry can tackle rising emissions from the luxury hotels sector, and why green hotel standards are used to grade corporate processes instead of sustainability metrics.
Saigon Co-Operative in Vietnam
This International Co-Operative Day, Eco-Business celebrates the membership-based, democratically-owned companies in Asia leading the charge for sustainable business.
The UN says 3 billion people will live in slums by 2050 unless the world tackles poverty and inequality.
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It can provide a wider choice of green products such as energy saving appliances, e-vehicles, and sustainable building materials. Government departments can be mandated to purchase such products, and the aggregation of demand can nudge manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and seek green certification.
How people in low-income communities are coping with heating cities could set the example for future heat-stressed citizens to follow.
Surabaya has increased the focus on city greening
The Indonesian city of Surabaya put in public parks where others put in buildings. It is now reaping the creative, economic and cooling benefits.
singapore mbfc skyscraper
Following a revision to significantly tighten the energy efficiency requirements for a Green Mark certification scheme from November, almost 73 per cent of currently certified office buildings in Singapore could now be 'off the mark'.
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An Eco-Business debate in 2019
EB Studio Covid-19 didn't kill events, but it did change them. Teymoor Nabili and Veemal Gungadin tell the Eco-Business Podcast how a pandemic transformed the way sustainability events are conceived and organised.
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