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With climate-induced sea-level rise threatening the existence of island states, a new study says islands need to be raised by six metres or more to protect the Maldives.
Solar geoengineering wins broader research funding, despite fears that sci-fi climate fixes distract from emissions cuts.
A professor at Melbourne University talks about the limitations of water diversion during a time of extreme weather events.
Climate-cooling technology could help rein in global heating and its impacts, say backers, but critics warn it carries serious and unknown risks, with some calling for research to stop.
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The areas most prone to sinking are megacities that house almost 20 per cent of the global urban population, and these areas are also the most heavily impacted by sea-level rise.
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The majority of a randomised sample of YouTube videos related to climate change showed that they oppose the scientific consensus that it is primarily caused by human activities, a new study has found.
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As we face up to the challenges of the coming year, how does the global landscape for sustainable development look? IIED director Andrew Norton offers his thoughts on the key debates and changes we may see during 2018, and what they might mean for IIED's work.
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The large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s natural systems, known as geoengineering, has been touted as a silver bullet against climate change. Can it truly deliver what proponents of the technology say it will? Barbara Unmuessig examines.
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Dr Athar Hussain SRM malaria podcast
Scientists in the Global South are studying how solar geoengineering could affect their communities. One team in Pakistan is focusing on malaria, a mosquito-borne disease that affects millions in tropical and sub-tropical countries yearly.
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