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As scientists warn of irreversible climate damage, proponents say solar geoengineering technology needs to mature. Critics say it is risky, distracts from the task of decarbonisation and requires an impossible degree of global coordination.
Solar power plant in Munich
After a snub by indigenous groups, amid fears that solar geoengineering might produce unexpected consequences, researchers of a high-profile Harvard study are now turning to diplomacy to push their project forward.
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Saami reindeer herders and others say the technology to block a share of sunlight reaching Earth, in a bid to cool the planet, is too risky and does not respect nature.
Post-Brexit UK – like other gas-producing nations – betting on uncommercial, unproven carbon capture and hydrogen
The United Kingdom, the originator of the Industrial Revolution that kicked off climate change, is forging ahead with R&D projects to reduce the carbon impacts of dirty industries, with the central focus on carbon capture and hydrogen generation, ignoring energy efficiency.
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The majority of a randomised sample of YouTube videos related to climate change showed that they oppose the scientific consensus that it is primarily caused by human activities, a new study has found.
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As we face up to the challenges of the coming year, how does the global landscape for sustainable development look? IIED director Andrew Norton offers his thoughts on the key debates and changes we may see during 2018, and what they might mean for IIED's work.
Landscape view of Tuscany
The large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s natural systems, known as geoengineering, has been touted as a silver bullet against climate change. Can it truly deliver what proponents of the technology say it will? Barbara Unmuessig examines.
arctic ice spitzbergen
Albedo modification – a kind of geoengineering intended to cool the planet by increasing the reflectivity of the earth’s atmosphere – holds tremendous promise to slow global warming, say Harvard University's David Keith and Gernot Wagner.
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