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Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use
In the coming year, we should expect to see stricter laws to expose 'greenwashers' and rising demand for clear disclosure and reporting standards.
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Sponsored Instead of the well-known phrase ‘think globally, act locally’, Jane Goodall urges youths to reverse that and first take action locally.
ocean biodiverisity 1
As the United Nations Biodiversity Conference begins, Eco-Business sits down with Akanksha Khatri to talk about the importance of natural capital accounting and her dream of countries adopting a Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP).
Verde Island Passage
Activists and locals near the Verde Island Passage, a marine biodiversity-rich region in Batangas, protest against San Miguel Corp and Linseed’s gas facilities, which they say will be detrimental to the area and the surrounding community.
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Rubber trees undergrowth

Food & Agriculture

Nature can't wait

Humanity is enmeshed in nature. Because we are capable of destroying it, we are responsible for protecting it.
gaps in global deal for nature
Although the biodiversity crisis is intimately linked to the climate one, the financing to address it is woefully inadequate. With a new global biodiversity plan now in the works, the world has an opportunity – and a duty – to start making up for lost time.
Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler: 11 things to watch in 2021
2020 was a rough year for tropical rainforest conservation efforts. So what’s in store for 2021? Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler reviews 11 key things to watch in the world of rainforests in 2021.
The Atlantic: the driving force behind ocean circulation and our taste for cod
The history of fishing in the Atlantic aid to trace back to the discovery of cod-rich Canadian waters in 1497. Generations of people greatly benefitted from these resources, until the threat of overfishing became impossible to ignore.

Policy & Finance

Nature by the numbers

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pygmy elephants sabah
From conflict to co-existence: Earthworm Foundation has come up with a solution to managing human-elephant conflict in palm oil plantations in Sabah.
Ahead of Indonesia’s presidential election on April 17, an online movie was recently published showing the links between Indonesian coal and energy companies and the country’s political elites.
coral reefs
Sponsored For the first time ever, scientists have captured time-lapse videos of corals bleaching in warmer-than-normal waters.
IIED policy scheme
Through an animated campaign, the International Institute for Environment and Development creatively presents how governments can stop overfishing and protect marine resources.
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