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Indochinese tigers have been declared extinct in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in recent years, and while several breeding populations persist in Thailand’s protected area networks, they number no more than 200 individuals.
Protest against mining bill - Indonesia
Indonesians defending their lands against mining operations are frequently met with criminal persecution on dubious charges, say local observers.
Rohingya refugees sit on a makeshift boat as they are interrogated by the Border Guard Bangladesh
Will the landmark suit, which argues that the spread of hate speech on the platform facilitated the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, be a turning point for Big Tech?
Cracked earth; climate crisis
Sponsored The financial system has a crucial part to play in decarbonising the economy and innovative tools can help investors manage climate risk in their portfolios.
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borneo project field technicians
Indigenous communities in Sarawak have been monitoring their forests for the past year, gathering data to counter a logging company's assumptions about the value of their traditional lands.
amazon deforestation 2018
Amazon deforestation in Brazil reached a 12-year high in 2020, and over 95 per cent of it is illegal. Governments and markets must radically revalue the rainforest’s natural services and stimulate a green economy to avoid a nightmare scenario.
thai fishing boat koh samet
Organised crime in the fisheries sector occurs globally throughout the entire value chain, taking massive toll on human populations worldwide. How can we address these crimes?
yemen mountain region
The rich world can no longer reassure itself that poor countries will avoid the worst of the Covid-19 crisis by virtue of their isolation. The pandemic is now hitting these countries especially hard, underscoring the urgent need for renewed global action.
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Topher White
Logging scars landscapes, destroys habitats and is a major contributor to climate change. Here's how old Android smartphones--that might otherwise end up in a landfill-- are being used to stop illegal logging and curb climate change impacts.
jakeline romero
A Global Witness report has found that more than 200 people were killed for engaging in peaceful protest against corporate mining, logging, agribusiness and poaching activities last year. The trend is growing.
HK Ivory Trade soon to stop
Hong Kong government’s three-step plan to ban ivory trade by 2021 received the go-ahead from the Chief Executive in Council, and the legislature amendments will be tabled before the Legislative Council in the first half of 2017.
michelle campos
Brazil and the Philippines are the most dangerous countries for activists fighting mining, agribusiness and hydroelectric companies for their rights to land, forests, and rivers, a new report by Global Witness found.
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