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Climate change impacts threaten to overwhelm humanitarian aid systems – but changes in how money is moved could help.
The Nusantara Fund aims to provide millions of dollars directly to Indigenous and local communities in Indonesia to improve livelihoods and tackle climate change and nature loss.
Before Sunday’s general election, the Bio-Circular-Green Economic model faces accusations of greenwashing and inequity.
Despite informal pressure to bring forward its 2070 net-zero target, India is unlikely to do that at this year’s G20 summit – but the country’s energy transition could accelerate change at the global scale.
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Kenya safari
Once again, climate scientists have warned that time is running out in the global race to stay ahead of catastrophic climate change. While Kenya and many other countries in the Global South could play a major role in solving the problem, more must be done to unlock that potential.
Well-told human-interest stories are key to moving readers and prompting climate action. How to write them in China?
Vanuatu 2015 typhoon
Time is short to act on loss and damage funding, after no action at COP26. With economic pain worsening, a new solution is gaining traction — debt cancellation.
Lake Teli, Chad
Global science bodies have long confirmed indigenous peoples’ unique contributions to conservation. But with these communities being relentlessly displaced from their ancestral homes, financial support and secure land rights have become crucial to their ongoing stewardship of the world’s biodiversity.
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COP26 podcast
The climate talks in Glasgow could have a major trickle-down effect on Asia's business community. What should the region's businesses expect from COP26? The Eco-Business Podcast asked energy and sustainability expert Malavika Bambawale.
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