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Malaysia's new government can reset how the country tackles the impacts of climate change, such as monsoon floods, by investing more in nature backed by international green funding.
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The International Sustainability Standards Board, a standard-setting body launched after COP26 to harmonise the 'wild west' of ESG reporting is opening an office in Beijing by mid-2023. Plans are underway for Tokyo to host another Asia office.
Half of the world’s glaciers—frozen reservoirs holding three-quarters of the global water supply—could 'disappear' by the end of the century under 1.5C of warming, a study concludes.
As the Swedish climate campaigner goes viral for a Twitter comeback, here's how she built the global Fridays for Future movement.
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Time is short to act on loss and damage funding, after no action at COP26. With economic pain worsening, a new solution is gaining traction — debt cancellation.
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Global science bodies have long confirmed indigenous peoples’ unique contributions to conservation. But with these communities being relentlessly displaced from their ancestral homes, financial support and secure land rights have become crucial to their ongoing stewardship of the world’s biodiversity.
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The financial sector’s annual general meeting (AGM) season has started. Shareholders should use AGMs as a platform to demand robust climate policies and decarbonisation strategies from banks and financial institutions.
Despite widespread recognition that women are underrepresented in climate and conservation fora, the problem persists. Given that women face the greatest risks from environmental crises and have been shown to deliver better environmental policy results, this status quo is both unjust and shortsighted.
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The climate talks in Glasgow could have a major trickle-down effect on Asia's business community. What should the region's businesses expect from COP26? The Eco-Business Podcast asked energy and sustainability expert Malavika Bambawale.
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