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Freddie Hedegaard, Green School student and founder of Dungbeetle
Launched by 17-year-old Green School Bali student Freddie Hedegaard, Dungbeetle uses NFT technology to verify small-scale carbon projects.
Mangrove trees
Governments and bourses are warming to working with voluntary carbon markets to help meet their decarbonisation agendas, but are also grappling with integrity controls in a sector known to harbour black sheep.
Judith Simon, president, Verra
The appointment of Judith Simon as company president comes a month after allegations that Verra certified 'phantom credits'.
The United Nations-backed climate investor group has said it will bar members from counting carbon removal schemes for their short-term emission reduction plans, amid increasing scrutiny of such activities to claim carbon offsets.
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The first auction on Malaysia’s new voluntary carbon market, the Bursa Carbon Exchange (BCX), took place on 16 March, with around RM7.7 million in carbon credits sold.
The market must work in sync with a range of policy instruments. Stable institutional and regulatory structures must balance competing interests and trade-offs to ensure optimum coverage, caps, pricing and reporting.
Pollution_CBAM_Indonesia_Cisadane river
Southeast Asian countries should carefully weigh the economic and environmental impacts of unilateral climate policies like the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).
coal plant smoke
The full potential of the private sector needs to be unleashed to raise the capital needed to fight climate change. This can only be done if carbon is priced high enough to establish the business case for decarbonisation, writes Georg Kell.
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Achim Steiner talking at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore. Image UNDP Asia Pacific
The IPCC's climate warning is an opportunity for the business world to show leadership, said UNDP's Achim Steiner in the opening speech at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore.
carbon emissions turn into stone
Breakthrough casts aside fear that carbon captured and stored underground can seep back into the air and explode.
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COP26 podcast
The climate talks in Glasgow could have a major trickle-down effect on Asia's business community. What should the region's businesses expect from COP26? The Eco-Business Podcast asked energy and sustainability expert Malavika Bambawale.
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