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From 2022 to 2023: top sustainability stories in 2022 and implications in the new year
2022—a year of ongoing uncertainties as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, geopolitical tension, and the global energy crisis from the Russian-Ukraine conflict formed the backdrop for the global ESG developments.
How does Qatar's World Cup score on sustainability?
The 2022 FIFA World Cup ended with one of the most dramatic football finals last week, with Lionel Messi-led Argentina snatching its third world champion in a 3-3 (4-2 penalty …
The green leap: How the energy transition is transforming China's economy
China’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2060 is accelerating the transformation of its economic activity and energy mix, signalling a major shift in how energy in the country is …
Green Development 2030

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Green Development 2030

A combination of digitalization and decarbonization will drive a new era of green development. Together with its customers and partners, Huawei will continuously innovate, use green ICT to empower green …
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