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The HK built environment/skyline
Exclusive Real estate firms are lobbying against a proposed change to the Science Based Targets initiative's accounting methodology for measuring Scope 2 electricity emissions, expected to be launched by the end of the year.
A house built using natural, locally sourced materials in India
Vernacular architecture, which uses locally-sourced natural materials and traditional designs, could be key to climate resilience in India's built environment as extreme weather events become more common.
Giovanni Cossu, head of sustainability, CapitaLand Development
The property development arm of CapitaLand Group has appointed National University of Singapore's associate director of sustainability services Giovanni Cossu to lead its sustainability function.
Singapore at night
Tech and regulatory uncertainty, along with buyers unwilling to pay the green premium, means mid-century targets often appear more aspirational than realistic. Frequent updates to interim targets and strategies will be crucial, experts say.
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Flooding in Brisbane Australia
Existing homes in Australia tend to have a poor thermal performance even in current climate conditions, yet the urgency to retrofit homes for better energy efficiency and comfort is given little political attention.
singapore mbfc skyscraper
Following a revision to significantly tighten the energy efficiency requirements for a Green Mark certification scheme from November, almost 73 per cent of currently certified office buildings in Singapore could now be 'off the mark'.
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hotels podcast
Can the hotels sector, traditionally resource-intensive and wasteful, reinvent itself and go green? Eco-Business asks two hospitality executives about balancing post-Covid recovery, and if luxury can be made compatible with sustainability.
Keppel Bay Tower in Singapore
EB Studio The built environment's sprawling carbon footprint can be reined in by giving old buildings a 'climate makeover' as cities grow. The Eco-Business Podcast talks to Vinod Jethani about the benefits and challenges of retrofitting old buildings.
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