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This May, New Zealand witnessed its first ever widespread sea sponge bleaching event. What could climate threats to these unique marine creatures mean for science, biodiversity and local communities?
The Earth has lost 4,000 square kilometres of its tidal wetlands over the past 20 years, a new study finds. This is equal to an area roughly the size of the Spanish island Mallorca or the Indian state of Goa.
The pandemic left migrant fishers in Asia, already a highly vulnerable section of the workforce, with less income and at higher risk of labour abuses, a new report says.
beach clean-up_Freedom Island, in Manila Bay
The Philippines' largest bank becomes the first local lender to issue a blue bond to tackle ocean litter and preserve clean water in a country considered the world's third biggest marine polluter.
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Graveyard of Staghorn coral
We’re barrelling towards catastrophic levels of global warming, and there’s not enough action. We need leaders who are serious about climate action and are willing to acknowledge that the problem is real.
marine litter in latvia
An effective international agreement on ocean plastic pollution should account for all aspects of plastics production – from manufacturing to disposal, and it must involve governments, the private sector, and the public.
Mineral concretion on the seafloor can contain valuable metals.
Seabed mining can affect fisheries and the flow-on social equity issues need to be addressed.
Chinese fishing trawlers
Protecting the right places in the ocean could safeguard unique and irreplaceable marine life currently at risk from human activities, while increasing the supply of seafood.
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Dr Sylvia Earle podcast
Exclusive Oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle speaks to Eco-Business in this exclusive podcast about the irreversible damage deep sea mining will cause, the link between the oceans and our global climate, and the role that we can all play in 'being at peace' with nature.
Layman albatross
EB Studio Eco-Business talks to 'Aulani Wilhelm of Conservation International about why a plan to protect the ocean is critical, and why it might just work.
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