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Indonesia EVs render biofuels moot
Increased adoption of electric vehicles could render redundant Indonesia’s biofuel infrastructure, which the government is touting as its chosen alternative to fossil fuels.
algae biofuel
Substantial investment in money and time is needed for algae biofuel to become viable, even on an extended timeline out to mid-century. While big players like Shell and Chevron have abandoned the effort, ExxonMobil continues work.
biowaste to biogas
Biogas systems may potentially meet a variety of energy needs worldwide, while reducing waste streams and providing biofertiliser as a by-product.
A day of superlatives for climate advocates and big oil
Rebel share holders won breakthrough victories over Exxon and Chevron, showing the increasing power of investment managers to force businesses and CEOs to pursue environmental and social goals.
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Storm over Fossil Fuels
As extreme weather events intensify, so too will the political siege on the fossil fuel industry, and rightfully so. But Daniel Litvin warns that an unthinking backlash on Big Oil could have perverse effects for the global energy transition.
corn field close up
Although some forms of bioenergy can play a helpful role, dedicating land specifically for generating bioenergy is unwise, say WRI president Andrew Steer and global director of food, forests and water, Craig Hanson.
rapeseed field spain
The only way to make real progress toward mitigating climate change is to work to eliminate fossil fuels completely, rather than relying on new and uncertain technologies like bio-energy and carbon capture and storage, say researchers.
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Simon Lord and Pamela Mar on Sustainability One on One
In the first in a new video series where sustainability leaders interview each other about the toughest things about their jobs, Simon Lord of Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby Plantation went head to head with Pamela Mar of Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Fung Group.
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Palm oil farmers working with Natural Habitats
Some environmentalists would argue that there's no such thing as sustainably grown palm oil, because of the crops links to deforestation and human rights abuses. Eco-Business spoke to Monique van Wijnbergen about how palm can be done right.
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