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Ten years after the launch of a campaign to clean up heating systems, improved subsidies, district heating and retrofits should be considered.
Climate change action demands stricter emissions control of Asia Pacific’s coal burners, say analysts.
GerWeiss Motors_Etrikes_Boracay
The firm can't just dictate drivers to go electric, says Sean Gabriel Villoria, who is leading a push for more islands across the Philippines to adopt the use of electric-powered tricycles. It also needs to help raise their incomes.
Prince WIlliams at The Earthshot Prize 2021
From all-electric battery energy storage systems for construction sites to greenhouses for smallholder farmers, these startups show how businesses can generate both profit and impact.
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China EV charging
Getting more clean cars on the road would also save tens of thousands of lives annually by reducing air pollution. Chinese transportation officials have no reason to hold back and should set more ambitious targets for electric vehicles.
Dead fish killed by microplastic
More Indonesians are eating fish as part of their regular diet but microplastics do make it risky. There are ways to mitigate that risk.
Climate-driven migration and shrinking animal habitats increase the risk that viruses and bacteria will jump from animal hosts to humans–just as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, likely did.
Sydney could become the first major city in Asia Pacific to ban fossil fuel advertising.
Advertising executive Mike Spirkovski argues that a ban on fossil fuel advertising in Sydney won't reduce emissions or save lives. Consumers need to know which carbon-intensive brands are making a genuine attempt to cut their climate impact, he argues.
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Air pollution in Beijing
Has Covid-19 really improved air quality? Eco-Business spoke to air pollution epidemiologist Dr Vivian Pun about the real air quality story behind the pandemic, and what the virus is telling us about tackling the world's most underrated environmental issue.
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