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The Global road-building explosion is shattering nature
We are living in the most explosive era of road and infrastructure expansion in human history. Road building--and the Pandora's box of environmental changes it brings to forests and other …
The Top 10 global cities for green buildings
This white paper ranks the performance of 10 global cities: Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo (in no particular order), with regards to …
How cities should invest for future economic and environmental vitality
Cities are the driving force behind the global economy - according to McKinsey, just 600 cities are responsible for 60 per cent of the global GDP - and the number …
Climate change and aging population shape construction
Megatrends will drive new construction business to more than double by 2023, creating huge opportunities across the globe, Lux Research says
Thailand's green building goals: Aspirations vs Realities
The number of green building in Thailand has been growing rapidly since 2007, almost doubling annually between 2007-2012, of which the 80% is accounted by new commercial constructions. CSR or …
New functional coatings provide business opportunities
Hydrophobic, self-healing, and even air-cleaning coatings will have a big impact in medical, aerospace, and construction, Lux Research says
China Outpacing Rest of World in Natural Resource Use
The ‘Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook for China’ report supplements the ‘Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook for Asia and the Pacific’ report published by UNEP in 2011, with more detailed …
Building Systems Integration Offers Greater Benefits to Airports, Data
While commercial offices are often the main target for BSI, Lux Research analysis finds that other types of facilities will provide better return on investment for central control of building …
Australian carbon price and house construction
start2see and Build21c have undertaken a detailed analysis of all the significant greenhouse gas emission sources related to building (the structure of) a house. By breaking down emissions per material, …
Life Cycle Assessment of E-Crete
start2see has completed a life cycle study for Aurora Construction Materials (ACM) in Melbourne, comparing the greenhouse gas emissions from E-Crete - a geopolymer based concrete product manufactured by ACM …
Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Markets -2012
Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets published its latest BIPV projections in a report titled, “Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Markets -2012.”  NanoMarkets estimates that the entire BIPV market already generates around $2.1 billion ($US) today and that...
MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub reports
Concrete is one of the most extensively used materials worldwide -- on average, more than two tons per year of the rock-like stuff is produced for every man, woman and …
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