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Thailand's green building goals: Aspirations vs Realities

Thailand's green building goals: Aspirations vs Realities

The number of green building in Thailand has been growing rapidly since 2007, almost doubling annually between 2007-2012, of which the 80% is accounted by new commercial constructions. CSR or brand image, lower operating costs, and higher asset values are among the key drivers spurring the adoption of green building in Thailand.

Despite the regulation set to spur the industry, Thailand’s green building sector still encounters some challenges hindering the green building growth including cost-benefit consideration, lack of regulation consistency and technical skill, as well as limited awareness of economic and health benefits.

The projection of this sector is positive as long as the right steps are taken to set a more stringent regulatory framework. Through this white paper, Solidiance further elaborates the future projection and actionable strategies needed to boost the development of green building in Thailand. Industrial players - both local and foreign - are also encouraged to regroup and create a collective strength to prompt for regulation change for more green building adoption in Thailand.

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