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Australian carbon price and house construction

Australian carbon price and house construction

start2see and Build21c have undertaken a detailed analysis of all the significant greenhouse gas emission sources related to building (the structure of) a house. By breaking down emissions per material, and estimating transport and energy used during construction, it becomes possible to consider all the specific rules that are part of the carbon tax (Clean Energy Future) legislation. For example, producers of cement-clinker receive industry assistance (free permits) for 94.5% of the industry’s average emissions. We understand the difference between clinker and cement, and between cement and concrete, and therefore we are able to create the best possible estimates of the effect of a carbon price on the costs for a typical “slab on ground”. Similarly for other materials, by applying a full life cycle approach to carbon emissions it becomes clear where the main emission sources occur in a value chain and who is “responsible” or likely to incur carbon price cost increases.

A 20-page report can be downloaded from a purpose built website:

Contact start2see if you have any questions or would like to understand the impacts of the carbon tax on other building and construction projects.

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