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#SaveSmallHands: the tobacco industry reaps double benefits from children
The tobacco industry in Indonesia is inseparable from controversies and problems related to children's rights. To date, the tobacco industry has not accepted its responsibility for the high number of …
Public-private partnerships for social good
There is a growing trend in Asia of governments and the private sector coming together to address social needs, and CAPS' latest study spotlights these "public-private partnerships for social good." …
Southeast Asia's cloud story: Impact, inclusivity, and growth
This whitepaper sought to understand the ways in which cloud technology has benefited society, as well as to identify the ingredients needed to ensure greater digital inclusivity and sustainable growth …
The future of data centres in the face of climate change
How can we decarbonise even while building better cloud solutions? This white paper explores the viable solutions available to help data centre operators fight the rising tide of environmental challenges.
Surfacing Innovative Solutions for Reducing Marine Plastic Pollution
Over 8 billion kilograms of plastic enter the world's oceans every year. Marine plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental concerns facing the world today. Asia, in …
Asian Consumers need more affordable access to healthy and sustainable living
Unsustainable lifestyles in Asia are a concern for everyone; it counts 20 of the most polluted cities in the world, of which 13 are in India. Yet, air pollution wasn't …
Electric Vehicles in Indonesia: The Road Towards Sustainable Transportation
In the past few years, Indonesia has heavily relied on fossil fuel as the main energy source in all economic sectors, ranging from transportation, power plant, to household.
State of the World's Birds 2018—taking the pulse of the planet
With the tagline "Taking the Pulse of the Planet", State of the World's Birds is a major global assessment that uses bird species to measure the health of our ecosystems …
Freezing in the tropics - Asean's air-con conundrum
Southeast Asia is facing a growing cooling crisis, but its people remain unaware of the threat that inefficient cooling technologies can pose to national development and the environment, finds a …
Landscape fires in Indonesia

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Landscape fires in Indonesia

Large-scale, human-induced landscape fires in Indonesia have been making headlines since the early 1980s. The impact of these fires is noticeable at the domestic, regional and global spheres in the …
Lessons from REDD+ for achieving water, energy and food security in Indonesia
Indonesia has already made notable strides to develop climate mitigation strategies that ensure the protection of its forests, notably through its high-level support for efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation …
How can Indonesia achieve water, energy and food security?
This briefing note outlines the challenges and opportunities for Indonesia to achieve water, energy and food security targets in ways that align with its long term development strategy. A water-energy-food …
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