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Aceh and the archipelago economy: Protecting forests for water, energy and food security
A series of studies were undertaken in Aceh to explore some the challenges facing the province, as they work towards meeting the goals of the medium-term development plan (RPJMN) without …
Go haze-free for Singapore

Carbon & Climate

Go haze-free for Singapore

The annual haze that chokes Southeast Asia has often been blamed on palm oil. Yet, companies in Singapore continue to use palm oil to produce a wide range of products …
Indonesia’s green industrial estates and best practices
Indonesia's economic growth in industrial estates has seen a positive trend in the last five years despite the economic turmoil that happened in recent times.
Lighting Becomes Lucrative in Developing Economies with Over 4 Million Installations
Start-ups with creative business models are beating multinationals to the punch in powering lights for the global 1 billion living off-grid, according to Lux Research
Supporting fossil-fuel subsidy reform in Bangladesh, India and Indonesia
Three new reports build on the International Institute for Sustainable Development's work with government and civil society on reforming fossil-fuel subsidies. Led by the IISD's Global Subsidies Initiative, these studies …
Indonesia’s Fuel Subsidies: Action plan for reform
Indonesia spent IDR164.7 trillion (US$18.1 billion) subsidizing fuel products in 2011, of which IDR76.5 trillion (US$8.4 billion) was spent subsidizing gasoline. The rising cost of subsidies is placing a huge …
Private sector engagement in urban climate change resilience building
Over the last year Intellecap has been working with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network on exploring opportunities for Private Sector Engagement in Urban Climate …
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