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The United States and European Union have to deliver the bulk of the amount, as they have greater capacity and responsibility to do so, says the Civil Society Equity Review, a new study released at the COP28 climate summit.
OPEC secretary general
Accelerating the energy transition might be high on the agendas of Asian governments, but at this week's Energy Asia conference held in Malaysia's capital, oil majors are outrightly saying the world needs more of the fossil fuel.
Foreign workers say blockchain services offer a better way to send money home - but are they leaving themselves vulnerable to losses?
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Saudi Arabia or the UAE speaking on historical emissions and debt distress in climate-vulnerable nations is a bit rich. But unlike advanced economies, such countries lend rhetorical heft to developing country calls for climate compensation.
The Anacortes oil refinery in Washington, United States
The United States, Canada and the United Arab Emirates are among those who account for close to half of global oil and gas production and are focusing on a slew of mitigation measures except for reducing production.
As leaders of developing nations chart bold, new pathways for sustainable development, advanced economies and wealthy petrostates must step up by providing the necessary climate finance.
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