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India 2011 - The Poverty Line
An average human adult makes an average of 35,000 decisions a day. For those at the bottom of the pyramid, these decisions are a matter of life and death. Eco-Business speaks to Lin Huiyi, the economist-artist behind the award-winning The Poverty Line project, about what survival means to people living on the bare minimum.
Indus and Zanskar rivers
Many gaps remain, many discredited ideas are pushed, but a look from the river basin perspective a step forward in the latest report by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources.
Landslide in Bhutan on July 2021
With increased precipitation and better reporting, Bhutan is recording more disasters. Experts say that the government needs to listen to science and rise to the challenge.
Ugyen Ferro Alloys Limited Namgay Tshering
The landlocked Himalayan nation counts on its mineral resources to develop, but environmental damage and corruption may be putting the country on the wrong path.
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Rooftop solar, Bhutan
Renewables could spur the post-pandemic recovery in Asia. But as this year’s climate change conference approaches, the region's energy planners have a lot of catching up to do.
Sharda Barrage
Misinformation and fake news on transboundary water issues in South Asia can negatively impact long-standing cooperation efforts. There is an urgent need to ramp up efforts to tackle such information disorder on shared waters in the region.
healthcare worker in Thailand
Covid-19 has highlighted the urgent need for ambitious, all-encompassing reforms rather than incremental measures. A global scheme to improve planetary health is a radical new approach to safeguard the future of fast-growing cities.
women farmers in Himachal Pradesh
Evidence shows that an increase in women's representation in agriculture—as can be seen today in South Asia—does not guarantee their socioeconomic empowerment. But that does not mean that it cannot.
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