Yew Chung International School Shanghai’s Gubei Campus Partners on Green Initiatives’ [WE] Project

The Gubei Campus of Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS) has proudly confirmed its sponsorship of the [WE] Project, making it the first school in Shanghai to support the citywide recycling program for responsible electronic waste collection & recycling, launched by Green Initiatives in May 2016.

YCIS has students from over 50 countries and regions, and is a leading international school in Shanghai. The [WE] Project was initiated to find a local, impactful, and scalable solution to China’s e-waste problem, where less than 30 per cent of the 6 million ton of e-waste generated annually gets formally and safely recycled.

The project will provide a transparent e-waste recycling system for the staff and students in the school, and demonstrate the power of positive actions towards environmental protection. A collection box would be placed on campus allowing students, parents, and staff to safely dispose of used electronic items throughout the year. Green Initiatives, in collaboration with the staff and student volunteers of YCIS is also planning a Project Launch event and waste collection drive on 29 November 2016.

“YCIS is committed to global education, and Green Initiatives believes in holistic education that can nurture environmentally conscious, responsible future leaders. We believe that through this partnership, together, we will inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow to create a sustainable future,” adds Nitin Dani, Founder of Green Initiatives, on what he aims to achieve through this collaboration.

In addition to the recycling program, a series of interactive workshops on topics such as food safety, waste & recycling, consumption, home gardening, and importance of water for life on earth, will be conducted over the course of the academic year to further stimulate students’ sensitivity towards environmental issues. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the e-waste recycling plant to witness first hand the complicated process of electronics recycling, that would provide them with valuable first-hand experience on the problem.

According to Curtis Young, Environmental Systems and Societies Teacher at YCIS Gubei Campus, “As the domestic production of e-waste continues to grow, the associated environmental and health risks are also likely to grow. The WE-Project ensures that e-waste from our community does not enter the informal recycling sector where the most serious environmental and health effects are generated. What’s more, the workshop series promises to enrich student learning beyond the classroom. As an international community we use and generate more e-waste than the average citizen, therefore, it is important that we take a leadership role. I’m proud that YCIS students are at the forefront of addressing these serious environmental and social issues.”

For more information about the project, or for any media enquiry please visit

For all other questions or enquiries email Anna Meda, WE Project Coordinator or call +86 135 2412 1424.

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